Sunday, 18 September 2011

PM Najib announced bold Law reforms, why not be bolder and reinstate the PPSMI as well

On the eve of Hari Malaysia 2011, PM Najib made a couple of shall I say brave announcements on Law reforms that will be talked about, digested, talked about, criticised and praised. PM Najib made the following announcement: 

1. Abolishment of Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960, which allows detention without trial.

2. Three Emergency declarations to be lifted.

3. Amendments to freedom of assembly laws, which will recognise Article 10 of the Federal Constitution but will be “strongly” against street demonstration.

4. Annual renewal of publishing permits for newspapers will be replaced with a one-off licence, which can be withdrawn.

5. Repeal of Banishment Act 1959 and revision of Restricted Residence Act 1933.

Apparently the ISA will be replaced by two Acts which will be tabled in Parliament not this year but probably next year as I understand the 2 Laws are still being revised. Blogger Jebat Must Die wrote a post on the implication of the abolishment of the ISA what he thought could replace it:

The usage of the ISA has prevented Malaysia from having to face massive upheaval and violence such as bombs exploding in our streets and public buildings, we are an oasis of calm when bombs were exploding in the US, Indonesia, UK, Madrid and many other places globally. 

It is not by accident that we have so far been protected from such terrible violence, the ISA gave the Police preventive powers to detain without trial people who they consider a threat to national security. If Ops Lallang had not been initiated by the Police in the 1980's Malaysia as we know it today would have been be ruined by communal and religious violence.

So despite the kudos dan pujian tinggi melangit that PM Najib has been receiving from minority pressure groups normally instigated by the Pakatan politicians who uses any issue to hammer the BN, there are the majority rakyat who are law abiding citizens who don't give two hoots about people who are detained under the ISA as long as our streets are safe, the majority will only be happy if the ISA is abolished and replaced by laws that are better than the ISA. 

Our Law makers should keep these wise opinions in mind when formulating any new pre-emptive Laws to replace the ISA:

Neither Politicians and Judges should decide on Preventive Laws

Mengkhianati Sarjan Jamil Mohd Shah Dan Pejuang Bkt Kepong

I would agree, decisions on preventive laws cannot be placed on the hands of Politicians and Judges, it should be on the IGP who has the necessary secret intelligence garnered domestically and internationally. Yes terrorism are not normally home grown, terrorism has become a sophisticated global phenomena and only the Police and Intelligence agencies are equipped to handle them. Judges will want evidence , hard evidence before they can make a decision but can what one thinks is in a terrorist mind, be evidence accepted by the Courts? That is why the USA has Guantanamo Bay for detention of suspected terrorist and it is no accident that the USA has had no terrorist attacks since 11 Sept 2001 ok. The AG and the PDRM will have their work cut out to replace the ISA, I wish them best of luck.

Politicians come and go, but the Laws will be there and the rakyat will bear the burden of any mistake long after the politicians has gone.

Now comes the question whether the abolishment of the ISA and amendments to the various Laws would bring in the votes to BN? Like I said just now, the majority rakyat do not  care about who the Police detain under the ISAas long as our streets are safe (note: except for that unfortunate accident when the cute reporter was detained under the ISA for her "protection"). The people who are asking for the ISA to be abolished are mostly aligned to the Opposition, so no I don't think PM Najib's nor BN's popularity rating will be up by much with the slew of BOLD announcements on Law reforms necessary for the safety and security of this blessed nation.

I have this suggestion for PM Najib, want to be known as a Leader one who has balls? a REAL reformer? A REAL transformer? how about this: Announce the reinstatement of the PPSMI as soon as possible and I am sure the votes will come in droves from grateful Parents and Students who cut across parties, race and religion. 

The full text of PM Najib Speech can be read here.

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