Friday, 23 September 2011

Palestine seeks full UN membership, good luck to the people of Palestine

In a few hours the Palestinian Authority president Mr. Mahmoud Abbas will present an application to the UN for full state membership status:

Nothing to lose in seeking full UN membership, says Palestine ambassador

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I agree they have nothing to lose really, they have been trying to have a Palestinian State way back from 1967, the current Israeli coalition Government of settlers and extremists led by Benjamin Netanhayu has proven to be more belligerent than previous Israeli Prime Ministers. Netanyahu speaks of negotiation one one hand but gives conditions to the Palestinians which makes it impossible for the Palestinians to negotiate with Israel who has the undivided support of the US Government. 

Israel needs to change its belligerent stand, it is slowly being isolated, its chief Arab ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been overthrown and the Israeli embassy ransacked in Cairo recently and its long time ally,Turkey has by all sense and purposes cut off ties with Israel with only the Royal House of Jordan having direct ties with Tel Aviv. The Arab spring brings political change to the Middle East, it will soon bring change to how Israel has to position itself in the volatile region, as the USA cannot forever defend the Israel state domestic policy against the Palestinians from international pressure brought to bear by the international community. 

The Palestinian authority non violent opposition to Israel occupation and its desire for a state of its own  will bear fruits soon enough.

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