Wednesday, 14 September 2011

PM accepted Namewee request to see him? I hope the PM reconsider his decision

Shocking news for me...PM Najib agrees to see Namewee in person this week. Read here.

Namewee the disgusting person who makes racism and ridiculing other races not his own an art form, with his many video productions the likes of :


FUCK Racism Malaysia NAH!!! Sucks Banana!!

I know many will be pissed with the news that PM Najib will be meeting Namewee, I can be quite certain that judging by the tweets in twitterjaya many Malaysian especially Malays are not happy with the PM for even agreeing to meet the racist who now calls himself a film director or whatever. A few bloggers have made their feelings quite plain read here, here.

I think feelings are running high at the moment especially with the Mat Sabu very ill advised comments making a hero of the Communist terrorist Mat Indera,  and PM Najib meeting Namewee the unrepentant racist will not solve anything nor would it bring the Chinese votes into the BN fold in droves. 

It could have the opposite effect of undermining Malay votes for UMNO, yes the very Malays who were the subject of much racist bashing in the Namewee videos. UMNO/BN must never make the mistake that the Malay votes are in the bag for them for the next General Elections now that Dr Mahathir are behind Najib unlike during Sleepy Pak Lah's PMship. UMNO should not misread the Malays like the British did in 1946 when they tried to totally and officially colonise the then Tanah Melayu thru the Malayan Union. 

Malays can be very forgiving and polite people but they will find it difficult to forget people who have hurt their feelings and made fools by them. Namewee is a case in point.

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