Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Scientist discovers particles that may travel faster than light, a strong case for the PPSMI

Could this really be true, if it is, THEN IT IS a momentous discovery, everything we know about the Laws of Physics would have to be revised:

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Strange Particles May Travel Faster than Light, Breaking Laws of Physics

With many more such significant Scientific discoveries everyday, would it not be difficult for our children not being fluent in English for Maths and Science appreciate the significance of such momentous discovery that there are particles which can travel faster than the speed of light AS  EVENTS UNFOLD FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE.

The Government really need to reinstate the PPSMI, the teaching and learning of Maths and Science in English as soon as practicable. We are losing time and the world does not wait for us to catch up as the Gomen dither between making a right decision or a politically popular decision, there is no affirmative action in the pursuit of knowledge. 

Our children needs the right tool to face the constantly changing world of Science, PPSMI is the right tool.


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