Thursday, 29 September 2011

Retirement Age for Private Sector to be extended to 60, kudos to the BN Gomen

As an Engineer/Manager who turned 50 this year, I greatly welcome the news that the Gomen is extending the private sector retirement age to 60. I have always believed that 55 is a bad retirement age, at that age a professional is at the prime of his chosen career and would have given much more value for money for the company he chose to serve.

Higher retirement age will benefit the economy

I certainly agree, I say nothing beats experience.

Kudos to the Barisan Nasional led Federal Government for making it happen
, this is certainly a right decision and I am sure a popular one too.


Anonymous said...

Eddy, then how about the young engineers. No enough job. Old one must go, so new one can come.

eddy said...

The young graduate Engineers will have to adjust Bro, times they are a changing. In the West retirement age is already 60, graduates will have to adjust, like in the West, study harder get CGPA greater than 3.0 at least in order to qualify for a job interview.