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Additional history lessons for the likes of Sin Chew's Tay Tian Yan and DAP's Tony Pua by Kempen SSS

There is a superb article carried by the premier blog Kempen SSS - Satu Sekolah untuk Semua, in response to Sin Chew's Tay Tian Yan article; The need to be politically correct.

The Kempen SSS article started with:

Yes, They Have Now Said It … Be Politically Correct


He did say about the need to be politically correct. But just look at the article by Tay Tian Yan below. Very clear he does not have an adequate knowledge or want to know more about the history of this country than those erroneous facts he puts out. Imagine, saying the history of this country began with the Malacca Sultanate. How shallow that is. He and the likes of him think the Malays had been here for only 500 years. And that the Hindu civilization of “1,400 years ago” was not Malay. That Malays are only those who converted to Islam en mass beginning with the Sultan of Malacca. Going by that perception, are the Chinese not Chinese before they accepted Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, the three religions in one that some one wrote in this blog in the past, that Professor C.P Fitzgerald said in his book on the History of China?

He has never heard of the Malay kingdom of Langkasuka (believed to be present day Patani), or the Greek records referring to the Golden Chersonese, Arab records or the Indian Pali texts, mentioning travels to the Malay Archipelago some 2,000 years ago, or the archaeological excavations in Batu Pahat and the Bujang Valley in Kedah since the days of Dr Alistair Lamb of the Universiti of Malaya many decades ago. He should definitely be advised to read such books as the “Encyclopedia of Malaysia, Early History”, edited by the Malaysian archaeologist Professor Dr Nik Hassan Suhaimi himself, and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” by Mohd Arof Ishak, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, 2009.

Lacking in knowledge of Malayan / Malaysian history has led him to question even the need for making History compulsory in schools. He talks about the teaching of History like the Americans do, as perceived by him. Such narrow mindedness. Devoid of a true perception of the racial problems that have been existing in this country since Lee Kuan Yew and the DAP started the chauvinist “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan, perpetuated by Lim Kit Siang and the DAP. A concept that subverts the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. One that does not show respect for the Social Contract entered into by the leaders of the major racial groups at Merdeka and the Constitution of the country that embodies that Social Contract. One that has been the latent cause of the 1969 race riots.

There is a need for “Persepsi yang sama tentang masa lalu”, says Dr. Firdaus Abdullah, Pakar Rujuk di Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya, in his article below that. Chauvinistic DAP Tony Pua Kiam Wee jumped up with a negative perception, suggesting that the new policy would be an attempt at “indoctrinating school children with a narrow interpretation of the Constitution”. No sooner said than jumped. Like Lim Guan Eng accusing MACC of responsibility over Teoh Beng Hock’s death just as the Police were beginning their investigations, and the cause of death is not known until this very day.

These are the kind who must be taught the history of the country so that they know everybody’s contribution relative to one another and, more importantly, everybody’s place in Malaysian society. Article 8 of the Constitution says everybody is equal but Article 153 says the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak have a Special Position and attempts to make them catch up with – now far from equal to – the Chinese in wealth and education must be respected as well. It must be, for the sake of long-term unity, peace and prosperity.

read or comment on the rest of the post here.

The above are additional reasons why it is urgent and imperative that Sejarah be made a compulsory pass in SPM.

Free history lesson from Malaysia Instinct's Terrence Fernandez

I am reproducing this article by Mr Fernandez of Malaysia Instinct which its detractors alleged to be an UMNO website but I am not exactly sure of that. My thoughts are in brackets:

The Fall of Mallaca was caused by the ungrateful Chinese: Soi Lek hopeless attempt to manipulate history

WEDNESDAY, 27 OCTOBER 2010 17:12(Malaysia-instinct)

By Terrence Fernandez

We are not at all surprised when DAP starts questioning the decision to make History a core subject and a must pass for SPM. “Why brought the matter in the UMNO Assembly?” So they asked. Well, why not?

DAP is the only political party in the world who would go to the extent of trying to change the history in their quest to justify their lust and greed to dominate and conquer.[they are doing it in Pulau Pinang!]

They have been pushing the Malaysians to believe that communists too, were the heroes who fight for Independence. Not mentioning how fighting for Independence would mean killing our very own soldiers and civilians.[The DAP does not care about that]

Denying history is such a ridiculous thing to do. Trying to change the facts of what happened is a dirty way of fighting. If DAP wants to fight for power, at least do it gentlemanly. [Nothing gentlemanly in the DAP, Lim Kit Siang their supreme leaders forced out capable leaders like Lee Lam Thye, Fan Yew Teng and latest the poor fellow in Klang Tee Boon Hock]

But we already know who DAP is – hopeless racists. What we are questioning here is who Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek really is.[He is a changed man since he became MCA President]

Soi Lek went against the PM’s order to stop questioning the Malay Rights almost as immediately as the announcement was made. Soi Lek told the reporters that the issue of Malay Rights will still be discussed in closed doors.[Probably not happy being President but no Cabinet Post, susah lah Doc with the video]

When the Education Ministry announced the move to make history a compulsory for SPM, Soi Lek again voiced out his ‘concern’ that History textbooks tend to predominantly favour a particular race and religious civilization.[All country on this planet do the same, history favours the majority refer to USA, European Union countries, even Taiwan, The People's republic of China and Singapore]

And by mentioning ‘race and religion’, we know for a fact that Soi Lek is referring to the Malays and Islam.[People are not stupid Doc]

It doesn’t make any sense when Soi Lek said that the subject should be reviewed to make it racially fair.

How could history record be unfair? History is history and it is recorded as it is.[Dr Chua's fair means more emphasis on the MCA?]

Naturally, Malays and Islam are dominantly recorded in history of this country because Malays are the original settlers and Islam has been their religion ever since Parameswara converted to Islam in the 15th centuries or even earlier in 1326 when Batu Bersurat Terengganu was written.

Soi Lek is a typical example of ‘immigrants’ mentality of the Malaysian Chinese but yet insists that he is a loyal citizen.

These Chinese with immigrants’ mentality refuse to acknowledge that Malaysian history doesn’t start from Malaya but it started way back from Tanah Melayu and beyond. Malays have been here since God created the Malay race, and that was how this land was called Tanah Melayu.

It’s the word ‘Melayu’ or ‘Malay-land’ is what bothers these Chinese so much, am I right, Soi Lek? You are a racist, aren’t you? Just like DAP, huh?

If race is all that matters to Soi Lek and DAP, I would like to urge them to read this part of the history of our country:

According to Relazione del primo viaggio intorno al-mondo (Report on the first voyage around the world) written by Antonio Pigafetta, when the Portugese first attacked Malacca, there were 20,000 Mallacan soldiers which include mercenaries from Java, Persian and other Islamic countries. There were 3,000 artilleries and 20 elephants plus Turkish made guns and explosive weapons. Needless to say that it was quite an equal fight in terms of weaponology.

Mallaca was only defeated by Alburquerque when five Chinese ‘jongs’ (ships) and a few others owned by Indian traders teamed up with Portugese. The Chinese traders were the ones leaking information to the Portugese on Mallaca’s strength and weaknesses. They were also the ones telling the Portugese to hijack the food supplies from Java and that all the supply was stored in the middle of the city.

Alburquerque then borrowed a number of ships from the Chinese traders and gave them an exclusive place on the galleon to watch the whole war.

In actual, there are many more historical facts that are not exposed just to avoid hurting the good and the loyal Malaysian Chinese. The history of the Chinese betrayal, did not end in Mallaca.[This part is new to me, I do not know, need to be verified]

The Chinese were known to be gangsters and cruel to the locals. History was also not recorded correctly when Yap Ah Loy was said to have opened Kuala Lumpur, whereby the city was actually founded much earlier by the Malays.

There, that’s a fair mentioned of race ‘contribution’ in the country’s history for Soi Lek’s information. Obviously, somehow, somewhere, Soi Lek had missed this part of the history lesson in school.

Ministry of Education must emphasize this part of the history just to ensure that all races are equally mentioned in the reviewed textbooks.

Being tolerant people, we have always honoured the Chinese who had fought for the country including the Perak Ex-Police Chief who was killed by the communists and so were the Chinese Special Branch officers and others who were responsible for the success of overcoming communist activities and organized crimes.[Those officers and Tan Sri C.C Too are great Malaysian Patriots]

These heroes were never left out in the country’s historical record.

As for DAP, I doubt they learn anything significant about this country’s history in the vernacular schools. If I’m not mistaken, history subject in Chinese schools emphasize more on Mao Tze Tung rather than Parameswara.[Not sure about this one but for sure the history syllabus for Pass in SPM in 2013 must be learnt by all Malaysian students, no watered down syllabus for vernacular schools, no compromise]

Now, this is why the announcement of making history a core subject was made in an UMNO Assembly.

Read the whole article here.

Just 19 days after the accident which caused 13 lives, another bus accident in Karak killed 7 more

After that tragic accident on the North-South Highway on the 10th of October which took away 13 lives, there has been another terrible bus accident at the Karak Highway on 29th October 2010, now seven young people has died. Al-Fatihah and Salam Takziah to the family of the deceased.

Seven killed in bus crash

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven people were killed and 39 others injured in a bus accident at Genting Sempah.

The accident, which happened at 7.50pm last night, involved a group from the 4B Youth Movement, Kampung Siong, Kedah, said Selangor traffic chief Supt Che Hussein Omar.

“Seventeen were seriously injured while the remaining 22 suffered minor injuries,” he said.

“Two people were thrown out from the bus.”

He added police were investigating the driver for reckless driving. Continue reading here.

Now apparently today it was found out that the Driver of the bus who was injured in the crash has no driving licence:

Karak bus crash: Detained bus driver has no driving licence

In Baling, families of the seven victims who were killed claimed that the ill-fated bus was not the one promised by the bus company and was not in good condition.

KUALA LUMPUR: The driver who was driving the ill-fated bus, that skidded and overturned at KM38 Genting Sempah Friday night, killing seven and injuring 39 others, did not have a driving licence.

Selangor Public Order and Traffic Chief Supt Che Husin Omar said Saturday the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had confirmed that the driver did not have a valid driving licence.

"The driver had initially admitted to police that he had a driving licence but when JPJ conducted a search, it was found that he did not have one," he told Bernama when contacted here Saturday.

Che Husin said the driver, who suffered a broken right leg and was currently receiving treatment at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, was detained for further investigations.

"He will be investigated under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987, for reckless driving and causing death," he said. continue reading here.

Can you believe that, the bus driver has NO DRIVING LICENCE, this is terrible 7 people died because the bus driver was not trained to drive a monster transport vehicle. 

I think not only the bus driver be charged, the bus owner should be investigated and charged for manslaughter for employing an untrained person to drive a bus then driven recklessly and in the process turned the bus into a weapon of mass destruction.

Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy trial: A tale of two different reports of the same trial

At the end of the proceedings in the Anwar sodomy trial date 29 October 2010:

Read this report from the MI: 
Anwar’s lawyers to prosecution: Show all evidence

Ok, now read this report of the same proceedings by Bernama: 

Readers should note the difference in the direction of the reporting, but after reading the transcript of the trials here, I am more inclined to believe that Bernama's has done a far more fair and neutral reporting on the subject thus far. Looks to me like the formidable Defence team are clutching at straws and the Prosecution knows it.

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YB Zul Kulim controversial statement on PKR-DAP pact which even PAS do not know

Please read the following two news articles:

The first a report from YB Zul's speech in Parliament, pity the Speaker cut short his speech:

Zul Noordin claims ‘secret’ PKR, DAP pact to ensure Chinese rule
UPDATED @ 07:16:31 AM 29-10-2010By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal October 28, 2010(MI)

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 28 — Zulkifi Noordin alleged today that there was a “secret contract” between PKR and DAP that will ensure Chinese dominance should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) take over Putrajaya.The Kulim Bandar-Baharu MP, an ex-PKR MP turned independent critic of the opposition, claimed that even PAS was not aware of the contract in an inflammatory speech in Parliament today.

“The contract promises that Chinese leaders in DAP will be given autonomy in Penang,” said Zulkifli told Parliament during the debate on Budget 2011.The independent MP who was once closely associated with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim lashed out at DAP, calling it a “chauvinist-infected party” and accused the party of being responsible for the May 13 riots in 1969.

“[Should PR take power] Malay candidates will be put in Negeri Sembilan and Perak. And if they win (in the states), they will pick a menteri besar from DAP to head the states,” he said. Zulkifli and other independents in Parliament, who were former PR lawmakers, have denied claims that they are Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters, but his speech today echoes the oft used Umno line when attacking PR.

The Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP, however did not provide any details to his accusations as his speech was abruptly cut short by Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi JaafarEarlier on in his speech, Zulkifli said that Malaysians needed to be re-educated on the details of the May 13 riots so that they could be “exposed to the truth” of the DAP.

What the party is doing, is they are playing up the same pattern of inciting racial hatred against the Malays despite being warned by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj against doing so,” said Zulkifli.

According to him, the country’s first prime minister had warned DAP back then to not “question” Article 153 of the constitution as well as Malay rights.

“And this is exactly what DAP is doing now,” said Zulkifli. continue reading here.

And this is the predictable furious response from PKR and DAP, maybe they got caught with their pants down big time:

DAP, PKR dismiss ‘secret’ pact to ensure Chinese rule
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal October 29, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 — PKR and DAP lawmakers have furiously dismissed the notion of a secret pact between the two allies to ensure Chinese rule should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) capture Putrajaya.
Instead both parties trained their guns on ex-PKR MP Zulkifli Noordin, who made the claim, calling him a liar who was “spinning tall tales” to serve his “political masters” in Barisan Nasional (BN).

The Kulim Bandar-Baharu MP told Parliament yesterday that there was a “secret contract” between PKR and DAP and that even PAS — a PR partner — was unaware of.

“There is no secret pact or deal at all. This is a ridiculous ploy by Zulkifli who only intention is to split up members of Pakatan Rakyat.

“This is the kind of bankrupt politician that is being used by BN to suggest that sort of allegation against us, that we would go behind our own coalition partners… no we are not like BN,” said PKR vice-president Azmin Ali.

Dubbing Zulkifli as a “barking dog” of the ruling coalition, Azmin said that the increasing attacks against the opposition proved that BN was intimidated of the unity between the DAP, PKR and PAS.

“We are in the strongest position right now. We will continue to be strong, united and prove to be a formidable force in next general elections. The strength of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is always through discussions and coming out with a consensus,” Azmin told The Malaysian Insider.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang echoed his PR colleague’s views, and questioned the timing of Zulkifli’s “revelation.”

“There is no such thing, it is not true. Where is he trying to go with this?

“What he is saying is a fairy tale, Parliament should not be a place to spew fairy tales,” Lim told The Malaysian Insider.

But the Ipoh Timur refused to comment further, saying that he did not want to give his former PR colleague “too much importance.” continue reading here.

Hmm, interesting isn't it, stranger still that PAS's usually boisterous MPs like Nizar, Mahfuz, Khalid Samad even their Senior Leaders Tok Guru Hadi or Ustaz Nash is keeping quiet though their silence is deafening.

I know YB Zul is a very serious person who does not talk nonsense, the peribahasa Melayu says "Pokok Tidak Goyang Kalau Tidak ada Angin". 

Anyway I think I am not alone and I am not at all surprised by the maneuvering of the power crazy at any cost  PKR leaders and the allegedly"Malaysian First Chinese Second" leaders of the chauvinist DAP. 

Of Galas By Election and PKR party elections: Real bad omen for PKR candidate

Is PKR candidate for the Galas by-election jinxed, on the first day of campaigning he dropped into the sea:

PKR man takes fall into sea in his stride

SANDAKAN: The first day of campaigning took a wrong turn for Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate Ansari Abdullah when he tumbled into the open sea yesterday.

Ansari, his campaign manager, Oting Enchi, and a reporter from a local television station fell into the waist-deep water when the steps of a wooden jetty collapsed at Kampung Api-Api in Pulau Timbang, an offshore island here shortly after 12pm.

No one was injured in the incident.It was the latest in a series of incidents in what is turning out to be a fraught campaign for PKR. It has already seen a brawl breaking out at the airport between two rival factions, apparently supporters of Ansari and his rival, PKR Sabah chief Ahmad Thamrin Jaini, shortly after the party's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim left on Sunday.

On yesterday's incident, Ansari laughed off suggestion that the jetty's collapse was a bad omen for his campaign. "Luckily, no one was hurt. I take that as a pretty good sign, actually."

Ansari and the others were part of a PKR fact-finding team visiting families on offshore islands in the Batu Sapi constituency.

Then he fell a second time:

Ansari falls into the sea… again
UPDATED @ 09:50:27 PM 29-10-2010By Clara Chooi October 29, 2010(MI)

BATU SAPI, Oct 29 — It was second time unlucky for PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah when he tumbled into seawater after a wooden walkway leading to a Kampung Gas home here gave way.
Ansari, who was on his campaign walkabout in the fishing village, fell several meters into murky seawater just as he was about to step into a villager’s home.

He had been trailing behind Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who, unlike him, made it without getting himself wet.

As he stepped onto the rickety platform leading into the house, Khalid told the others who were following behind him to stand back and wait for Ansari to cross.

“Cukup, cukup, cukup (enough, enough, enough),” Khalid told the men, noticing that the two-meter wide bridge was shaky.

Despite this, the three men followed Ansari and the platform gave way, taking all four men down together.

Ansari, in his attempt to break his fall, managed to cling on to the wooden platform’s edge before tumbling into the water.

He was later rescued by villagers who used a ladder to help him climb to safety. Ansari, clearly shaken, left the village shortly after the incident for a medical check-up.Continue reading here.

Man, I think this Ansari dude need to "mandi bunga" lah. I hope if he loses he does not loose his deposit as these two falls, unfortunate accidents it may be, would not give him much sympathy votes.

Talking about votes, it seems that the Party elections of the Party where it was agreed that its Leader will be PM, "IF" Pakatan unlikely wins the next GE is in such a sorry mess:

God forbid, if these group of Malaysians were to rule this blessed country, Malaysia as we know it will be in unrecognisable deep chaotic mess. 

Very well done Tan Sri Muhyiddin : Sejarah a must-pass subject for SPM from 2013:

A belated congratulation to the Minister of Education and our Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin for having the courage to make Sejarah a compulsory pass in SPM from 2013 onwards.

From TheStar:

History a must-pass subject for SPM from 2013 (Updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: History will be a must-pass subject in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination from 2013 along with the Bahasa Malaysia subject, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.

With the move, students must pass the subject to be able to obtain the SPM certificate, said Muhyiddin, who is the Education Minister.

“We need to give them (students) some time to adjust. We also need time to train teachers and to prepare our students to face the new system," he said in his winding-up speech at the 2010 Umno General Assembly, here Saturday.

He also said that from 2014, history would be made a core subject in primary school under the Primary School Standard Curriculum.

He said the ministry would also make improvement to the subject, with emphasis on enhancing the understanding of the constitution so as to enlighten students about the country's nation-building process. Continue reading here.

I think it is good that the teaching of history should at least start from early days of the Sri Wijaya Empire, through the fall of Melaka to the invading Portugese in 1511, right to the coming of the Brits through the Perjanjian Pangkor in 1874, the migrants brought in by the Brits to service their colony, Merdeka Nationalist, the World War 2,the August 1945 MPAJA brutality, the Malayan Union, the political struggles of Dato Onn to Tunku Abdul Rahman for independence from the British Colonists in 1957, The Emergency - war against the brutal Communists led by Chin Peng, the Declaration of Merdeka, how the migrant population obtained Malaysian citizenship, the formation of Malaysia in 1963, ousting of Singapore in 1967, special attention must be given to the May 13 race riots, what and why it happened and what must be done to prevent a recurrence, the contribution of the Malays/Bumis, the Chinese, the Indians, the Sikhs and others to the development of Malaysia must also be told. It is important to tell the story about how each and every race contributed to Malaysia, nobody should be left behind.

As can be seen in the negative and disrespectful comments in the pro opposition portals, many lacked the understanding of how this blessed nation was born and how much blood sweat and tears were shed by all Malaysians to make this country a stable and prosperous nation. Obviously, the Government is well aware of these negative trends and one of the reason being a lack of knowledge and understanding about Malaysia's history. I hope the Education Ministry will have compulsory common syllabus for all National and Vernacular schools, otherwise the intent will be lost. Of course if the Ministry can go one stage further and sanction a Satu Sekolah untuk Semua system, this would be much better. Slowly, slowly, sikit-sikit nanti jadi bukit.

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Our nation is the 43rd most prosperous nation on earth, Alhamdullillah Praise be to God Almighty

In its website, says that The Legatum Prosperity Index is the world's only global assessment of wealth and wellbeing; unlike other studies that rank countries by actual levels of wealth, life satisfaction or development, the Prosperity Index produces rankings based upon the very foundations of prosperity those factors that will help drive economic growth and produce happy citizens over the long term.

Well anyway in their latest 2010 Ranking from a total of 110 nations, our blessed nation came in at No.43, must read the full report on Malaysia here.

The breakdown for Malaysia are as follows:

1. Economy - Ranked 21st
2. Entrepreneurship & Opportunity - Ranked 34th
3. Governance - Ranked 34th
4. Education - Ranked 45th
5. Health - Ranked 44th
6. Safety & Security - Ranked 52nd
7. Personal Freedom - Ranked 90th
8. Social Capital - Ranked 90th

I think we fared just about alright in the 5 main categories bearing in mind that we are the only very few nations in the world which can be truly called multiracial with a sizeable minority at roughly 40% of the population(2009 est). Of course as the report showed, despite plenty of positive comments, there are much rooms for improvement but in time slowly but surely we would be on par with the developed nations. These things take time but we will get there of that I am in no doubt.

There's some concerns though:

Safety & Security ranking at No.52;
The Index explained: Malaysia faces low-level threats to its national security. The state is rarely responsible for political violence and there were no deaths caused by civil conflict in 2009. However, above average levels of internal displacement and communal conflict place Malaysia 54th for demographic instability, which may result from border disputes, ownership or occupancy of land, access to transportation outlets, control of religious or historical sites, or proximity to environmental hazards. Personal security is apparently more mixed: assault in Malaysia is more common than the global average, affecting 6.1%* of those surveyed in the year running up to 2009. Theft affects 9.9%*, but this is below the global average, making Malaysians the 29th least likely population to suffer theft. Nonetheless, only half feel safe walking alone at night, placing the country 70th* on this variable, and an above average number* feel unsafe expressing their political opinions.

I agree these are areas of genuine concerns, I hope the KDN and other law enforcement agencies is monitoring the situation closely, many including myself don't feel safe with all the robberies, murders and kidnapping that is reported in the news. Politicians or news portal making inflammatory and sensitive statements or articles must be closely watched and the ISA should be used when it is necessary.

Personal Freedom - Ranked 90th;
The Index explained:The government affords Malaysian citizens relatively low levels of civil liberty. Despite this, in a 2009 survey, 87%* of respondents expressed satisfaction with their level of individual freedom, placing Malaysia in the top 20 countries of the Index on this variable. However, this level of freedom does not create a tolerant society. Malaysia ranks 109th* and 55th*, respectively, for its citizens’ attitude towards immigrants and ethnic minorities.

We have a problem here, but then is too much civil liberty necessarily a good thing, I don't have an answer for that unfortunately, our Perlembagaan and our Laws is adequate for now and we need not be mimicking the west too much. However, we must all support the Government effort towards unity among the races no matter which political party or coalition we are from. Best is to talk about race and religious sensitivities not in the public domain but in-doors among cooler heads.

Social Capital - Ranked 90th;
The Index explained:Social cohesion is weak in Malaysia: less than one in 10* Malaysians believe that others can be trusted, and less than a third* reported having helped a stranger in the month prior to being surveyed in 2009. Both of these figures placed Malaysia in the bottom 15 countries in the Index on their respective variables. Malaysians are more likely to help others through formal structures: almost a third* had donated to charities and volunteered their time over the same period, placing Malaysia 43rd* and 19th*, respectively. Informal social networks are weak, as indicated by the fact that less than 80%* of Malaysians feel able to rely on others in times of need, which is in the bottom 25 showings in the world on this variable. This is despite a high 59%* of respondents being married, and 73%* regularly attending places of worship, the latter variable placing Malaysia in the top 20.

I would agree with this comment, yes, our social cohesion is weak, what do you expect from the only nation in the world which allow national and vernacular schools funded by the Government where our children are segregated from each other by race from young?

In fact there is a brilliant timely piece from Blogger satD; here, The Search for A New Deal without defaulting on the Old Deal? An Analysis of Intergroup Contact among Malaysians.
Read the well researched article and be enlighthened friends. 

Unless and until we have a Government which insist on a Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua system, we will be lagging at the bottom of this ranking, and being at No.90 for Social capital is something that we should not be proud of.

Anyway please no more talk about comparing Malaysia with Zimbabwe which is at the Bottom of the overall most prosperous nation, OK Datuk Zaid and Prof Aziz Bari, read here. Thank You.

Fong Po Kuan Dakwa ‘Takut’ Dengar Ucapan PM? Tidak faham Peribahasa Melayu agaknya

DAP YB Fong's Wiki showed that she can communicate in Chinese, English, Malay and Arabic but somehow I think she should brush up on her Bahasa Melayu especially the Malay peribahasa and the like. Otherwise she will end up  looking stupid(read here) in the Dewan Rakyat in her haste to politicise the recent PM Najib's UMNO assembly speech . 

Fong Po Kuan Dakwa ‘Takut’ Dengar Ucapan PM

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Oktober: Dakwaan Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) bahawa beliau ‘takut’ dengan ucapan penggulungan Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pada perhimpunan Agung Umno Sabtu lepas menghangatkan sesi perbahasan Bajet 2011 di Dewan Rakyat hari ini.

Dalam ucapan itu, Najib menyeru anggota Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk bersungguh-sungguh mempertahankan Putrajaya.

Membacakan petikan kata-kata Najib yang disiarkan akhbar berbahasa Malaysia hari ini, Fong menuntut Najib yang juga Perdana Menteri memberi penjelasan mengenai apa yang dimaksudkannya dengan kenyataan itu.

“Saya mahu Perdana Menteri hadir dalam dewan untuk beri penjelasan terutama mengenai: berkecai tulang dan badan, walau bercerai jasad dan nyawa. Saudara dan saudari, walau apapun terjadi, Putrajaya mesti kita pertahankan,” kata Fong ketika membahaskan Rang Undang-Undang Perbekalan 2011 (Bajet 2011) hari ini.

Fong bagaimanapun tidak menjelaskan apa yang menyebabkan beliau berasa ‘takut’ dengan ucapan Najib itu.

Tindakan Fong itu menyebabkan Datuk Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) bangun beberapa kali untuk mencelah dengan alasan ingin memberi penjelasan kepada Fong berkenaan ucapan Presiden itu, namun tidak diendahkan Ahli Parlimen Batu Gajah itu.

Bagaimanapun, Mohamad tetap berkeras dan terus bercakap ketika Fong sedang berbahas: “Saya nak buat sikit pembetulan supaya jangan ragu, bimbang, jangan takut. Itu peribahasa Melayu, bagaimana pemimpin nak naikkan semangat. Bukan nak gaduh. (Awak) Tak faham peribahasa Melayu.

“Tak perlu (PM) buat penjelasan dan saya tidak fikir beliau mahu menimbulkan ketakutan dan kebimbangan kepada rakyat. Saya amat tersinggung dengan ucapan Batu Gajah,” katanya menyebabkan Speaker dewan Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia mengingatkan Mohamad supaya hanya mencelah apabila diberi laluan.

Mohamad menjelaskan bahawa ucapan Najib itu hanya bertujuan menaikkan semangat juang anggota Umno.

“Ini bukan soal nak bertumpah darah dan bergaduh sesama kita. Tiada niat langsung. Jadi Batu Gajah jangan sangka buruk. Perdana Menteri kita seorang yang penuh tanggung jawab,” katanya. – BERNAMA

I hope the other YBs in the Dewan Rakyat check up on their BM proficiency also, one embarassment in public such as this, is bad enough lah.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Paul the Octopus died today 26 October 2010

Paul the octopus reputed to have psychic powers died today:

World Cup soccer’s psychic octopus dies in Germany
October 26, 2010

BERLIN, Oct 26 – Paul, the oracle octopus who shot to fame in the World Cup this summer for his uncanny ability to predict the results of Germany’s soccer matches, has died at his home in Oberhausen at the age of two.

English-born Paul made headlines across the globe after he correctly forecast how Germany would fare in seven matches, before his psychic powers were tested again for the final.

After Germany’s semi-final defeat, Paul tipped Spain to beat the Netherlands in the final, which prompted one news agency to report he had spurred a jump in demand for Spanish government bonds. Paul’s prediction duly came to pass: Spain won.

Staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in western Germany said in a statement they were “devastated” to learn of Paul’s death when they returned to work today.

read the rest here.

Well its a pity really, we can't have Paul predicting our next General election winner, the one who gets to control Putrajaya, BN or PR.

Dear Mr. Karpal Singh, please get well soon

The sodomy trial of the decade is nearing its end soon I think, unfortunately Mr Karpal is not well and the Court today had to be adjourned to Wednesday 27 October 2010. I hope Mr. Karpal  Singh get well soon. The trial must continue with or without him, I am sure that Anwar Ibrahim's battery of elite senior lawyers the likes of Param Cumareswamy, Prabhakaran even Sankara Nair will be more than able to replace Mr Singh.

Sodomy II put off a day as Karpal falls ill
By Debra Chong October 26, 2010(MI)

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — Karpal Singh, the fiery lawyer heading Team Anwar in the Opposition Leader’s ongoing sodomy trial, is suspected to have dengue, the High Court here was told today.
Trial judge Datuk Zabidin Mohd Diah agreed to the defence team’s request to postpone the trial to tomorrow, pending Karpal’s medical condition.

But Zabidin advised Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s panel of lawyers to ready another lead lawyer in place of Karpal as the trial must go on.

Outside the courtroom, Karpal’s colleague, Sankara Nair, told reporters the senior lawyer had been feeling body aches and chills since last week.

“You know he was feeling poorly even yesterday, but he didn’t want to delay the trial.

“He had his blood tested for dengue at UH last Friday. The results are expected to be out today,” Sankara said, referring to the Universiti Malaysia hospital.

Karpal’s son who is also a member of the defence, Ramkarpal, added that his father had not yet been warded at the hospital but was resting at his Bukit Damansara home nearby.

Team Anwar has yet to decide who among them would take over, Sankara said.

Yesterday, Karpal had started cross-examing the prosecution’s witness, surgeon Razali Ibrahim, one of three Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) doctors who had examined Saiful Bukhary Azlan.

The surgeon disclosed that there was another, earlier medical report detailing the sodomy complainant’s medical history — other than the one that has been tendered as evidence.

Razali’s disclosure prompted Justic Zabidin to adjourn the trial early so he could get the file from the HKL records.

read the rest of the news here.

Let the trial continue, Justice delayed is Justice Denied.

Does Malaysia need to have a high speed train now? We already have the KTMB dual tracked electrification line system

It seems that our PM Najib after a one and a half year spell of rallying, organising and uplifting his BN/UMNO troops is finally coming out with the goods in a big way with very many new projects announced, read Projects worth RM30bil to put nation on the ETP roadmap. 

If we agree we should support those projects but if we disagree than we should give constructive criticisms and positive ideas, whether it is heard by the powers that be is another matter lah. It matters to me however that PM Najib is trying his best to further this nation of ours to better things.

Anyway this piece of news caught my attention again:

Monday October 25, 2010
KL-S’pore high-speed link proposal to be made soon

PETALING JAYA: A proposal for a high-speed train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore using the magnetic levitation (maglev) technology will soon be submitted to the Government, industry sources said.

The sources also said the Government would soon appoint an international consulting firm to study the various proposals for the high-speed rail link to Singapore.

The maglev is the train system that links Shanghai’s Pudong airport with its financial district and was the first installation of its kind in the world.

The journey of 30km takes about seven minutes. The maglev train in Shanghai can reach speeds of up to 350km per hour in two minutes, although new generation trains being developed on this technology can go even faster, it is understood.

The maglev proposal will be competing with that of the conventional high-speed rail network, an idea first mooted by the YTL Group. Its technology partner then was said to be Germany’s Siemens, a global expert in high-speed rail technology....continue reading here.

I remember this idea been mooted by the same giant conglomerate with the midas touch namely YTL way back in 2007 read here. Back then YTL proposed a conventional system not the Maglev. This idea was shelved despite YTL's confidence as it was far too expensive at an estimate cost of RM8 Billion and we don't know until now whether that includes the cost of land acquisition.

Friends would want to visit these sites to know more about Maglev or as the name suggest Magnetic Levitation means, yes people no wheels, just electro-magnet. Interested? Then read here and here. Project Developers always cite the success of the Maglev Train linking Shanghai and Pudong Airport a journey of about 30km which took only a few minutes. Success comes with a price though as can be read here from derSpiegel:
Shanghai Residents Protest Transrapid Extension
A group of Shanghai residents have appealed to the German Chancellor to stop the extension of the Transrapid line near their homes. While some are angry at being evicted to make way for the track, others fear increased noise, magnetic radiation and possible accidents...Continue reading here.

I don't know  who the Consultants that the Gomen will appoint to study the YTL proposal, but I hope they are neutral.

High speed trains or High Speed Rails (HSR) is a type of passenger rail transport that operates significantly faster than the normal speed of rail traffic. Specific definitions by the European Union include 200 km/h (120 mph) for upgraded track and 250 km/h (160 mph) or faster for new track. In Japan, Shinkansen lines run at speeds in excess of 260 km/h (160 mph) and are built using standard gauge track with no at-grade crossings. In China, high-speed conventional rail lines operate at top speeds of 350 km/h (220 mph), and one Maglev Line in Shanghai reaches speeds of 431 km/h (268 mph). The world record for conventional high-speed rail is held by the V150, a specially configured version of Alstom's TGV which clocked 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) on a test run. The world speed record for Maglev is held by the japanese experimental MLX01 at amind blowing  581 km/h (361 mph). [reference: Wiki High Speed Rails]

As mentioned above High Speed Trains  system are meant to carry passengers only, no cargoes no freight. According to Wiki "HSR is best suited for journeys of 2 to 3 hours (250–900 km or about 150–550 miles), for which the train can beat both air and car in this range. When traveling less than about 650 km (400 mi), the process of checking in and going through security screening at airports, as well as the journey to the airport itself makes the total air journey time no faster than HSR... However, unless air travel is severely congested, merely providing a comparable service is often not a compelling financial basis for building an HSR system from scratch. As a rule of thumb, rail journeys need to be four hours or thereabouts to be competitive with air travel on journey time."

High Speed Trains are expensive to built, besides the mega Cost for special rail tracks, electric power feed, controls and signals and the special locomotive and passenger cars, the Cost must also include:

1. Due to its almost straight alignment with smooth curves for high speed travels meant new route has to be planned meaning more land will have to be acquired, which will also have to cater for wide buffer zones each side of the railway. Acquisition of land and buildings will cost a bomb, no make that a huge bomb.

2. For Malaysians who will have to be displaced and compensations for new homes will have to be disbursed.

3. For vehicular traffic which cannot intersect the high speed rail, much of the route may have to be be built on high embankment or elevated reinforced concrete structures.

Of course the project proposer will say that it will be private funding, but how many banks or investors will put money for a venture which will only obtain revenue from paying train passengers? Lets not even try to speculate on how many passengers will be using the high speed train services compared to flying or even driving between Singapore-JB-KL.  I am sure the project proposer will extract some sort of financial guarantees from the Government on compensation per year if their passenger targets are not met..much like the money spinning PLUS North-South Highway Concessions. In the end it will always be us Malaysian Tax Payers who will bear the brunt of any problems. Sigh..

Instead of High Speed Rails the Gomen should not divert its plan for the double tracking and electrification programme by the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), the trains for these well thought out plans can carry both passengers and cargoes and freight. Electric trains on these lines can reach speed of up to 160km/h, so I am told. So a journey from JB into KL Sentral will be about 2 hours. If the trains leaves KL at 6am it can reach JB by 8am..enough time to hop over to Singapore for that meeting which usually starts at about 10am. Not as fast as a High Speed train but just on time.

I believe that the High Speed Train is a great idea whose time has not yet come for Malaysia, we still need to explore the use of the KLIA Main terminal and KLIA Low Cost terminal, the express buses modern terminals  and our beloved cars..yes Malaysians love to travel by cars. I think maybe when our population reaches around 45 million then the High Speed Trains will be a viable option, it may come sooner than later.

In the mean time why not  use the money that we have now to extend the KTMB dual track railway system  to Kuantan, Pekan, Rompin, Mersing, Kemaman, Kuala Terengganu that will surely give the impetus for industrial growth for the east Coast in particular and Malaysia in General. It goes without saying that many more Malaysians will benefit from these high income economic investments and activities.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Syabas Polis DiRaja Malaysia!

Syabas and Good job PDRM:

Cops seize 320kg of Eramin 5 pills


SEREMBAN: Police made their biggest Eramin 5 bust this year when they seized 320kg of the drug worth RM20mil from a shoplot at the Oakland Commercial Park in Seremban 2 near here.

Two men aged 23 and 40, who were busy packing the drugs into plastic bags, were arrested.

It is understood that one of them has a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Federal narcotics acting director Datuk Othman Harun showing part of the 320kg of Eramin 5 pills worth RM20mil seized from a shoplot in Taman Oakland, Seremban, yesterday. Two men who were busy packing the drugs into plastic bags, were arrested.

They were caught during a joint operation carried out by Bukit Aman and the state narcotics department at 10.45am on Saturday.

Bukit Aman deputy narcotics chief I (operations and intelligence) Deputy Comm Datuk Othman Harun said police nabbed another suspect, who is believed to be the leader of the gang in Lukut, Port Dickson and a Vietnamese woman at her rented home in Oakland near here in follow-up operations.

The woman is believed to be the girlfriend of one of the suspects.

“The 320kg of Eramin 5 was already processed and ready for distribution. We also seized various drug processing tools,” he told a press conference at the state police headquarters near here yesterday.

The success came on the heels of another bust at a drug processing lab in George Town on Friday.

Two men were arrested and heroin worth nearly RM1mil was seized in that case.

DCP Othman said police also seized two cars belonging to the suspects and RM512,000.

“We have sealed one of the suspects’ homes. This is the first raid on a drug processing lab where the suspects arrested were locals,” he said.

DCP Othman said when police made a similar raid in Johor in 2008, the main suspects detained were Taiwanese.

In a separate raid in Penang last year, police detained several Indonesians who were busy processing the drug.

Eramin 5 pills are priced between RM10 and RM15 each depending on the volume purchased while syabu can cost up to RM200 per tube. (A kilogramme of syabu can fetch up to RM260,000 in the market).

read more on the successful PDRM drug busts here.

Just hope there would not be a repeat of this embarassment .....Sad day for the PDRM in Kuantan today, good lessons to be learnt though.

 PDRM Boleh, Malaysia Boleh.

The October 10th Bus tragedy near the Simpang Ampat Toll; a call for an Inquest

News from Bernama via the NST on the outcome of the investigation on the Bus accident  which killed 13 people near the Alor Gajah/Simpang Ampat N-S Highway interchange:

Delima express bus in fatal crash was speeding


KUALA LUMPUR: The express bus involved in a crash that killed 13 people at 223km North-South Expressway near Simpang Ampat toll plaza was travelling at 120km per hour (km/h) after entering the expressway from Alor Gajah toll.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said this was among findings of a scientific analysis and study on the crash conducted by Malaysia Institute of Road and Safety (Miros).

He said a coordination meeting involving relevant agencies such as Road Transport Department, Computerised Vehicle Inspection System Centre (Puspakom), police and Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) had been carried out on Oct 14, following the accident.

The reports were then compiled and analysed by the Miros crash reconstruction team, he said in a statement here.
He said based on the crash impact energy analysis, the probable speed of Delima Bus, which was carrying 36 passengers, before braking was between 94 and 109km/h.

"Furthermore, another vehicle involved in this collision might have been travelling at sped of 160km/h at the time," he added.

In the 6.47pm accident on Oct 10, the Delima express bus heading to Kuala Lumpur from Melaka went out of control, flipped over to the south-bound side of the expressway and rammed into a van, two cars and another bus, leaving 13 people killed and 38 others injured.

On the condition of the express bus, Kong said periodic inspection from Puspakom showed that the bus was in good condition.

"The tyres and brakes of the express bus were in good condition prior to the crash as found by Puspakom during inspection after the collision," he said.

Kong said possible causes were sudden encroachment of other vehicles into the bus lane, critical traffic flow in front and slow respond time by the driver.

The number of casualties and injuries and the severity of the collision could be avoided if everyone followed traffic rules and practised good driving behaviour, travel within the speed limit, fasten front and rear seat belts while heavy vehicles kept to the slow lane.

"Besides strict enforcement, road engineering and vehicle safety, the road user behavior plays an important role in preventing road accidents," he said. - BERNAMA

read more here.

With due respect to the tireless investigators and workers, I think what have been done so far is not enough, besides distributing the blame to the lorry driver and other drivers involved in the accident and telling motorists to be careful on the highways, more should be done, more questions should be asked such as to whether the guard rails functioned effectively or that the guardrail design is inadequate, also new stricter legislations should be introduced:

1. To govern How long a Bus Drivers is allowed to drive continuously per day before he takes a mandatory rest.

2. All bus drivers must pass a mandatory test conducted by the JPJ which will determine also their profile and aptitude, only those certified by JPJ as Bus Drivers can drive buses. We cannot have serial speed demons driving our loved ones in buses and endangering their lives.

3. Making it mandatory for all outstation buses to Have Electro mechanical speed limiters. Modern buses are high powered monsters and in the hands of a reckless driver it is a weapon of mass destruction.

I have a suggestion, the Government should be more transparent in their investigation of the bus accident, mere technical reports are not enough and I think the best way to show transparency is for the Attorney General to call for an inquest to what caused the death of the 13 people on that fateful Sunday. 

If an inquest can be called for the death of persons in police or SPRM custody surely the death of 13 people deserved at least a public inquest where experts can be called in to explain and give recommendations to further road safety. Let us all learn from this tragedy.

What say you friends?

suggested reading here.