Saturday, 30 October 2010

Just 19 days after the accident which caused 13 lives, another bus accident in Karak killed 7 more

After that tragic accident on the North-South Highway on the 10th of October which took away 13 lives, there has been another terrible bus accident at the Karak Highway on 29th October 2010, now seven young people has died. Al-Fatihah and Salam Takziah to the family of the deceased.

Seven killed in bus crash

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven people were killed and 39 others injured in a bus accident at Genting Sempah.

The accident, which happened at 7.50pm last night, involved a group from the 4B Youth Movement, Kampung Siong, Kedah, said Selangor traffic chief Supt Che Hussein Omar.

“Seventeen were seriously injured while the remaining 22 suffered minor injuries,” he said.

“Two people were thrown out from the bus.”

He added police were investigating the driver for reckless driving. Continue reading here.

Now apparently today it was found out that the Driver of the bus who was injured in the crash has no driving licence:

Karak bus crash: Detained bus driver has no driving licence

In Baling, families of the seven victims who were killed claimed that the ill-fated bus was not the one promised by the bus company and was not in good condition.

KUALA LUMPUR: The driver who was driving the ill-fated bus, that skidded and overturned at KM38 Genting Sempah Friday night, killing seven and injuring 39 others, did not have a driving licence.

Selangor Public Order and Traffic Chief Supt Che Husin Omar said Saturday the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had confirmed that the driver did not have a valid driving licence.

"The driver had initially admitted to police that he had a driving licence but when JPJ conducted a search, it was found that he did not have one," he told Bernama when contacted here Saturday.

Che Husin said the driver, who suffered a broken right leg and was currently receiving treatment at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, was detained for further investigations.

"He will be investigated under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987, for reckless driving and causing death," he said. continue reading here.

Can you believe that, the bus driver has NO DRIVING LICENCE, this is terrible 7 people died because the bus driver was not trained to drive a monster transport vehicle. 

I think not only the bus driver be charged, the bus owner should be investigated and charged for manslaughter for employing an untrained person to drive a bus then driven recklessly and in the process turned the bus into a weapon of mass destruction.

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