Monday, 11 October 2010

Its official, Malaysian citizens who are loyal and have contributed to Malaysia's Development are definitely not pendatang

I never use nor teach my children the word "pendatang" or "alien" to describe our  Chinese or Indian brethrens, some people do use it but they are mostly politicians or political wannabees with their own personal agenda.

Except for Pendatang Tanpa Izin (PATI) used to describe illegal immigrants, I would dare say that largely the word "pendatang" to describe our citizens is very alien to the vocabulary of the Malaysian public. Definitely it never crossed my mind to call my Chinese or Indian friends a pendatang as they are Malaysians who does not show traits of well, shall we say, a "pendatang".

PM Najib gave a very good speech at the MCA AGM yesterday, read here and here. In the speech which seemed to be well received by the MCA delegates, among others, PM Najib clearly said that the Chinese are not "pendatang" in recognising the Chinese loyalty and contribution to Malaysia's development. 

Najib also said that:

"There were numerous Umno leaders whose constituencies had a large number of non-Malay voters.

Non-Malays make up more than 40 per cent of voters in some of the constituencies represented by Umno."

“Do they think they can win without Chinese or Indian support? We have to be realistic. We cannot be emotional or racist and must work together.” 

He said that while he understood that political parties needed to demand allocations for their constituencies, it must be done in the spirit of give-and-take and in the national interest.

“You look after me and I’ll look after you. You can’t just make demands but don’t give us the support we need when the time comes. 

“You must tell the Chinese that it’s not just about the community, but about the nation.”

So now you have it folks, its official no more using the word "pendatang" to describe our Malaysian brothers and sisters, our PM said so, and from yesterday on everybody should strive to ensure that they be it individually or in groups DO NOT show traits of a pendatang or an alien community within Malaysia. 

If in doubt then maybe you want to read and answer these questions from blogger Tukang Dok Peghati: the Malay saying goes..."Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera".

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