Friday, 29 October 2010

Of Galas By Election and PKR party elections: Real bad omen for PKR candidate

Is PKR candidate for the Galas by-election jinxed, on the first day of campaigning he dropped into the sea:

PKR man takes fall into sea in his stride

SANDAKAN: The first day of campaigning took a wrong turn for Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate Ansari Abdullah when he tumbled into the open sea yesterday.

Ansari, his campaign manager, Oting Enchi, and a reporter from a local television station fell into the waist-deep water when the steps of a wooden jetty collapsed at Kampung Api-Api in Pulau Timbang, an offshore island here shortly after 12pm.

No one was injured in the incident.It was the latest in a series of incidents in what is turning out to be a fraught campaign for PKR. It has already seen a brawl breaking out at the airport between two rival factions, apparently supporters of Ansari and his rival, PKR Sabah chief Ahmad Thamrin Jaini, shortly after the party's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim left on Sunday.

On yesterday's incident, Ansari laughed off suggestion that the jetty's collapse was a bad omen for his campaign. "Luckily, no one was hurt. I take that as a pretty good sign, actually."

Ansari and the others were part of a PKR fact-finding team visiting families on offshore islands in the Batu Sapi constituency.

Then he fell a second time:

Ansari falls into the sea… again
UPDATED @ 09:50:27 PM 29-10-2010By Clara Chooi October 29, 2010(MI)

BATU SAPI, Oct 29 — It was second time unlucky for PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah when he tumbled into seawater after a wooden walkway leading to a Kampung Gas home here gave way.
Ansari, who was on his campaign walkabout in the fishing village, fell several meters into murky seawater just as he was about to step into a villager’s home.

He had been trailing behind Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who, unlike him, made it without getting himself wet.

As he stepped onto the rickety platform leading into the house, Khalid told the others who were following behind him to stand back and wait for Ansari to cross.

“Cukup, cukup, cukup (enough, enough, enough),” Khalid told the men, noticing that the two-meter wide bridge was shaky.

Despite this, the three men followed Ansari and the platform gave way, taking all four men down together.

Ansari, in his attempt to break his fall, managed to cling on to the wooden platform’s edge before tumbling into the water.

He was later rescued by villagers who used a ladder to help him climb to safety. Ansari, clearly shaken, left the village shortly after the incident for a medical check-up.Continue reading here.

Man, I think this Ansari dude need to "mandi bunga" lah. I hope if he loses he does not loose his deposit as these two falls, unfortunate accidents it may be, would not give him much sympathy votes.

Talking about votes, it seems that the Party elections of the Party where it was agreed that its Leader will be PM, "IF" Pakatan unlikely wins the next GE is in such a sorry mess:

God forbid, if these group of Malaysians were to rule this blessed country, Malaysia as we know it will be in unrecognisable deep chaotic mess. 

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