Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dr Rais very angry at certain bloggers, apa kata kalau semua duduk semeja and settle it over kopi kurang gula

Well I suppose every one in the Malaysian blogosphere and everywhere else for that matter are very aware of Dr Rais's anger over postings made by blogger BigDog and Datuk Ahirudin.

Dr. Rais since his days as MB of Negeri Sembilan strikes me as a no nonsense and very articulate politician. You can count on him to be forthright and honest with his opinion and the great thing is that he can deliver what is on his mind eloquently. Its understandable that someone of his good reputation would be furious at even the suggestion that some one close to him is doing something that should not be done. To cut a long story short, a police report has been made and Datuk Ahiruddin has already been called by the authorities and his PC and modem has also been confiscated, I suppose it would not be long before blogger BigDog, the solid UMNO supporter would be called in also. 

On further reading, I thought that the postings in question are an  innocent call for transparency in Government awards which would showcase the ongoing Government Transformation as put forward by the PM Najib. I hope the investigations reveal the same findings.Saya rasa tidak ada niat untuk memfitnah atau memburukkan sesiapa pun.

God forbid, if the authorities do take action against UMNO/BN friendly bloggers like BigDog and Datuk Ahirudin, it would be a loss-loss situation. Unlike the Opposition, the BN do not have that many effective bloggers who can influence voters thoughts, so lets keep what ever good bloggers that is on BN side as much as possible lah. Otherwise BN could be severely handicapped, as cyberspace is the unknown frontier as far as votes influencing are concerned. I hope that the PM and DPM is monitoring the situation which could get ugly before it gets better.

I pray that common sense will prevail, I hope the good Dr Rais, bloggers BigDog and Datuk Ahirudin settle the matter amicably with a gentleman's handshake over a kopitiam table.