Monday, 15 April 2013

Will ROS deregister the DAP for their CEC election fiasco?

The DAP leaders are having their hands full even before the 20th April nomination day, for starters the threat of being de-registered by the Registrar of Societies due to serious problems in their recent CEC election is looking very real.

DAP told to attend ROS inquiry on April 18

Lim told to explain DAP polls fiasco

I think the DAP Leaders are clearly rattled by the turn of events with Karpal Singh even giving out this pre-emptive statement:

....which I think is uncalled for considering that ROS is only doing its job and had the CEC election been done according to the book none of the problems associated with the CEC elections would have materialized. In other words DAP have nobody else to blame for the fiasco except themselves and their leaders.

If indeed the DAP is de-registered I hope that its Secretary General Lim Guan Eng be man enough to take responsibility for the disaster and not blame BN and the elections for something which was of their own doing.

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