Wednesday, 10 April 2013

PRU13: Nomination Day 20th April, Voting Day 5th May

The long wait is finally over..the SPR had announced today that the Nomination Day for PRU13 shall be Saturday 20th April while Voting will be on Sunday 5th May 2013.

GE13: Polls on May 5, EC announces

I would have thought that with all parties engaged in political campaign since March 2008, the campaigning period would have been reduced to the bare minimum....14 days is a long time in politics. 

Especially so we have the many shit stirrers allied to Pakatan DAP,PAS,PKR like Ambiga's 'Bersih' and Haris Ibrahim ABU who are presmearing an expected Barisan Nasional Victory over the chaotic Pakatan parties coalition who cannot even agree on their choice of PM and publicly disagree on many issues of national interests lets not even to begin about their disagreements of who gets more and what seats to contest in PRU13.

I think of all the rubbish spewed by the Pakatan supporters ABU's message of violence need to be nipped in the bud by the relevant authority namely our PDRM, intimidating voters with thuggish statements is not Malaysia's culture and will invite response in kind from other citizens not happy with Violent Haris's message.

Gila-Lah Si Haris

Yes I agree Haris dah makin menggila, a dumbass trying to breath violence and hate into his lifeless ABU campaign. Can't blame him really, the Pakatan campaign in ceramahs are full of negatives, hate and divisive messages. They want to win Putrajaya by beating down the Barisan Nasional with hate and divisiveness. I pray that Malaysians will see through this bunch of power crazed wannabee leaders of Malaysia, they will bring nothing but misery to Malaysians with their chaotic and leaderless way.

Stay Calm, Vote Wisely

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