Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Forget PAS, UMNO should fight DAP head on!

A post by blogger Melayu Lama who is also a good FB friend with his interesting observations and musings. In this post Melayu Lama eloquently and convincingly set out a case why UMNO should fight DAP head to head:

When playing with fire just isn't enough

Post-WWII, right after the axis forces were defeated, locals with an axe to grind in Holland started rounding up pro-German wartime supporters and in some cases people who didn't help the resistance forces (not necessarily supporters of the nazis nor were they opposers of the resistance, they were just people who didn't want to get involved or were too scared) and started torturing them in camps. They were worse than the nazis until eventually Allied Forces arrived at axis forces vacated territories and found those despicable camps of the dutch torturing their own. They tortured their own people worse than even the invading nazis themselves.

pakatan has way too much of an axe to grind and from the look of things, the law, constitution, religious boundaries are all crossed in the name of so-called bigger justice which is to bring down the BN. But if laws are broken, cheating occurs, lies are spread, acts of violence are supported as a means to an end where do we draw the line? If they have all those means at their disposal as a tool to wrestle power do you think they won't keep those tools to maintain power? pakatan rules by mob and thugs and when we let lawlessness prevail in anyway for whatever circumstances we are no better than thugs ourselves. They have an axe to grind and they will chop off heads, even if it is illegal to do so they will conveniently make it legal. That will be the end of civilization as we know it. They are preaching way too much hate and they must be stopped!

The kind of hate towards the Malays dap people have in their eyes is akin to the hate hitler had towards the Jews. No kidding. Everything is Umno's and by extension the Malays' fault. dap is preaching so much hate and saying it's alright to commit wrongs just to get Umno (the Malays) out of power. No sense of right or wrong. People like that will literally plunder and kill since laws and morals are meaningless to them. Even kaffir countries have moral boundaries that cannot be crossed what more Malaysia and yet they are saying morals are of no question. Morals are the basis of a person's character. If they are immoral personally, what more professionally?

You can see that many are supporting a particular side based on tonnes of hate. Racists? Of course, kick us bloody Malays out right? Common sense is certainly missing. A lot of those lopsided, "we can do no wrong" type of postings everywhere. Hypothetically, their idols can rob banks and kill bank security guards in the process right in front of them and their (missing sense of) logic will tell them it's ok because the bank has something to do with BN and the guards are relatives of Umno members. They're mad. No sense of right or wrong anymore.

While I personally do not care for the sexcapades of legislators and such, I am of the opinion that morally, and morals meaning personal conduct here of not just their own but of their spouses, siblings, offsprings, relatives, in-laws, close friends and close associates, should be of acceptable standing. The saying that what they do in their own space and time is their business is rubbish. A public figure has no private life. That is the reality of things. Everything will be under the microscope for public scrutiny. If they insist on having a private life, the only way to do it is to get out of public life. Simple as that. It's a rule practiced everywhere regardless what kind of public figure they are: politicians, tycoons, royals, celebraties, the rules are the same eveywhere.

Even in really open, free for all countries that champion homosexuality, bisexuality, same sex marriages and other sexcapades taboo to Asians, even those societies place some standards of moral conduct on their public figures. The recent CIA head, Bill Clinton, immediate past Singapore parliament speaker and many more have either resigned or have been told to resign because of their sexcapades. Yet, in a supposedly "Islamic" environment such as ours we are told by some quarters that what they do in their spare time is none of our business? Looks like the kaffirs have better moral standards than us? Worse is that we have lebais indoctrinating values of politically laced institutionalized religion to make all these immoral acts halal.

It is quite obvious by now, if we haven't realised it before, that the real fight is between Umno and dap. The arguments and online debate processions for now are clearly race/lingo segregated and achieves minimal effect. Malays in general hardly debate in the English discussions and the dap chinese hardly debate in Malay dicussions. It is time Umno took them head on in the English discussions for the desired effect. Honestly, engaging pas and pkr is clearly a waste of time. They're not the ones determining the course for pakatan not are they wearing the pants in that trio. As lead party in BN, Umno needs to face and take on dap as the lead of the other side. Furthermore, the policies and actions/inactions of the dap have always been in total contradiction with Umno's, all the more reason to take on dap. pas' argument using religion is a mere distraction for Umno. Umno and it's supporters must not waste time with the distracting pak lebais discussing religious rhetotrics and focus on the dap and it's anti-Malay and anti-Muslim goals.

Clearly we have two groups who generally hate each other and speak different lingos. Add that to hate, loose or non-existent morals, institutionalized religion and people who are at loggerheads not being able to communicate let alone understand each other, the dap especially, and pas in a lesser minion-ish role than dap's, better be ready to bear the responsibility of starting something that can spiral out of control more than it already has. We're not talking about playing with fire anymore but more like playing with flame throwers!

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