Friday, 5 April 2013

Will Gelang Patah be Lim Kit Siang's Waterloo?

I am not predicting anything here but just to show that the Gelang Patah Parliamentary seat may no be what DAP thinks...a walkover win for them as they are super confident that the predominantly rural Chinese in Gelang Patah would vote for the DAP in overwhelming numbers no matter what:


'Ghani can stop the Opposition'

I think the DAP camp must be having second thoughts about putting their grand old men in Gelang Patah now.


Annie said...

Hi eddy,
The Gelang Patah Chinese are not exactly rural folks. The majority of them stay in Skudai which is actually part of the Johor Baru city area. Nonedtheless, should Ghani really squares off with Kit Siang there, it would be proven that the Chinese of Johor are not really the racists Lim and DAP thought they are.

eddy said...

Hi Annie, I stand corrected. TQ.