Thursday, 24 January 2013

The ALLAH issue will break apart the unholy PR coalition

The name ALLAH in the Bible issue, a fire rekindled by DAP's Guan Eng probably to sew up the votes of Christians in Sabah and Sarawak for the DAP, sees no sign of abating, and unfortunately for Lim it is still burning within Pakatan, it is still burning until today when the PAS Syura Council delivered a stunning decision against the use of the name ALLAH,  and it threatens to consume the loose coalition of DAP,PAS and PKR in a fire that sees no sign of going away. 

Anwar Ibrahim the DAP anointed PM in waiting's position, is not surprising, the ketua umum PKR desperately need DAP Chinese support to shore up his severely weakened party which are hemorrhaging Malay Muslim and even Indian support by the day to BN.

This drew a very quick uncharacteristic response from PAS:

Pas leaders rally around Syura Council

KUALA LUMPUR: In an immediate reaction, Pas leaders yesterday rebutted Datuk Seri Anwar's stance of allowing non-Muslims to use the word "Allah".

In sticking to their guns in defence of the party's Syura Council's decision not to allow non-Muslims the use of the word "Allah", those the New Straits Times spoke to yesterday unanimously rejected the stand taken by their DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat allies on the matter.

Pas Syura Council senior member Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed, in rebuking Anwar, said Pas members would always adhere to the decision of the council, which is the party's highest authority.

Mahfodz said Anwar must remember that while he could voice his opinions on the matter, the PKR de facto leader should not forget that the Syura Council also had a voice of its own.

"The council is Pas' highest institution, which charts the party's direction.

"All Pas members will adhere to what has been decreed by the council.

"Anwar wants to talk? That is his opinion and right. We have our rights, too," he said.

Pas ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib said Anwar's statement did not change his stance.

"Our relationship is only political and not religious in nature. Hence, I am not changing my stand on the issue," he said.

Pas Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi stressed that the decision by the Syura Council remained absolute, and "outsiders" should not interfere with the council's affairs.

He said any attempt by those from outside Pas to undermine the Syura Council's decision, including the recent call by DAP national chairman Karpal Singh for Pas to review its stand on the matter, would be rejected.

On the growing number of non-governmental organisations, such as Jati and Perkasa, voicing similar sentiments on the issue, Nasrudin said Pas' cause should be supported to uphold Muslim rights.

"Those who do not have the authority in the (Syura) council should respect its decision, which, on this matter, is final. We will not budge (despite calls to reconsider the decision) and our stand should be supported," he added.

And PAS grassroots make no bones about what they think of DAP Karpal's interference in the Syura Council decision on the use of the name ALLAH for Muslims only, Read:

What would happen with the fuck up by foul mouth Guan Eng is that though DAP will significantly benefit from cementing their vote bank among Chinese and also Christians supporting the DAP but the fallout will be votes by Malay Muslims for PAS,PKR will significantly go to BN. 

In 2008 the Chinese support for the DAP,PKR,PAS reached a pinnacle of a staggering 80% and with some help of Indian and Malay votes they decimated Gerakan and almost destroyed MCA. BN lost 2/3rd majority.

In 2013 The Chinese and Christian support will be 90% for the DAP only, ensuring DAP of increased DUN and Parlimen seats while PAS and PKR will be given a serious whacking by the majority Malay Muslims and minority Indians who are disappointed with the broken promises of Pakatan Rakyat..Remember Kampung Buah Pala my dear Indian friends.

I predict there will not be a Pakatan Rakyat after PRU13, Thanks to DAP Lim Guan Eng.

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