Thursday, 31 January 2013

Retired Ketua Hakim Negara says 'ALLAH' for Muslims only

"The use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims does not arise for it is enshrined in the constitutions of 10 states which restricted its usage just to Muslims.

The Constitution clearly states that Islam is the religion of the federation and other religions can be practised in peace and harmony, 

but what’s happening now, certain quarters want to use the word ‘Allah’ for non-Muslims. This means that non-Muslims are not practising their religion peacefully and this may cause conflict.

We also do not know what is the motive of these people (who raised the issue)"
Retired Chief Justice Tun Mohd Fairuz

Read the rest of the Bernama report here: ‘Allah’ for Muslims only, says former chief justice

Read this report too from Yahoo News:

.........and in Malaysia we have Churches here which are increasingly partisan adamant in using the name ALLAH in the Malay translation of the Bible read here.

Need I say more? Fikir-fikirkan,

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