Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Memories: The Men's Field Hockey World Cup Kuala Lumpur 1975

An interlude away from the maddening politics:

The Men's Field Hockey World Cup Final between Pakistan and India in Kuala Lumpur 1975:

I miss the commentator Dato' Rahim Razali and above all I miss how the game I loved was excitingly and brilliantly played on grass. Back then the goalie was the bravest men alive on the pitch as he had only the pads protecting his knee and shin and no body protection or face mask.

Indeed, I think world tournament hockey should not be played exclusively on astro turf (artificial grass) , it should be how tennis is played in the Grand Slams and Davis Cup where the host country decide on the type of pitch to be played on, be it astro turf or grass. Astro turf have killed the excitement of the dribbling skills, it is so mechanical now, just strategy and super fitness and is so very boring to watch most of the time.

note: Malaysia was placed fourth in the 1975 World Cup, the highest position we ever attained in the tournament.

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