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#KL112 Maybe the PRU can be called sooner if our PM had not decided already

The #KL112 rally on 12 January 2013 has come and gone, Syabas dan Tahniah to the PDRM who did a fantastic job of crowd control and they never gave any rogue elements in the largely peaceful Pakatan crowd a chance to cause trouble, seems the PDRM have improved with each street demos, that is a good thing.

 I would suggest however that since the inception of the Peaceful Assembly Act, I do believe that budget must be given to the PDRM to procure proper metal crowd control barrier which can be installed and dismantled at a moments notice, effective  examples I saw during my trips overseas, these barriers can be installed parallel to roads to channel demonstrators or perpendicular to roads to stop crowd from accessing the road further:

Anyway from what can be observed and reports from the press and the PDRM, the Pakatan crowd though quite large, the PDRM estimate only 45,000 but Pakatan say 100,000 (source), both figures did not come anywhere near the 1 million figure aimed by the organisers, it must have been a total let down for the Pakatan Leaders and brought a big smile to PM Najib and BN. 

I note that the crowd this time are mainly PAS supporters and the DAP crowd and leaders  are rather subdued and  conspicuously absent, I heard that even elderly DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang was not seen. 

Source OutSyed The Box
I believe that this will be the last big rally organised by the Pakatan crowd before the PRU13 and Pakatan leaders are very sensitive to public comments that the loose coalition is too dominated by the Racist Chinese DAP and PAS and PKR are just riding its coat tail. So the Saturday rally was to purportedly show Malay support and 'Malay' leadership and dominance of the Pakatan of DAP,PKR,PAS. 

Source Aljazeera - Crowd in Stadium Merdeka(enlarged pics) Note PAS flag & no DAP/PKR 
Of course we all know that it isn't so...the DAP dominance over PKR and PAS is complete. Observe how PAS roll over and played dead when DAP chief instigator Guan Eng re-ignited the ALLAH name issue and Karpal Singh consistently saying no to an Islamic State. And PKR? Well, for one the Parliamentary Opposition Leader position is DAP to make its own as they have the most number of Oppo seats in Parlimen, instead they appointed Anwar Ibrahim a non member Ketua Umum of PKR as Leader and PM in waiting, even though PAS is saying that Anwar is not suitable, and their President, Hj. Hadi is. I can go on and on about the kelam kabut nature of the Pakatan Beast not in this postlah.

During the rally many twit pics showed irresponsible parents who brought their children along for the demo, some of the children are very young. This has been going on for the past many demos, I am wondering why the PDRM do not intervene and arrest these parents on the spot for putting their children in harms way. I understand PDRM have given notice no children under 15 to the rallies. 

I hope the PDRM knows what they are doing(read) as the parents of this poor child sure as hell don't and if anything un-towards happened to these little children, guess who is going to get the blame:
Source here
Did Pakatan achieved their objective in #KL112? I don't know, but what I do know is the PDRM has done a wonderful policing job and BN leaders and supporters can keep calm and smile coming into the next PRU. 

Posted in Chittagong. Bangladesh.

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