Sunday, 6 January 2013

DAP Election Scandal: ReElection is the only remedy

Just got back from the Holidays today friends and thanks for the well wishes and Seasons Greetings, I pray that our blessed country and we all have a great and prosperous 2013.

Cannot fight the temptation to say something about the DAP Election scandal though some friends call it a fiasco. 

The DAP's election 2 weeks ago firmly put it in the notorious anti Malay racist party category when the mainly Chinese delegates did not vote a single Malay into their CEC. However two weeks later the result was amended to show that Khairil Khir Johari (A Chinese with a Malay Name) was actually voted into the CEC..the brief story here at SYA's:

DAP covering up ‘schoolboy error’

No matter what fantastic spin the token Non Chinese DAP Chairman Karpal or DAP's owner Kit Siang say here and here, I do believe fervently that the DAP has lost all its self proclaimed integrity and transparency, the only decent thing to do to redeem DAP itself is for the existing CEC members to resign on their own accord and DAP members to make change and call for a re-election to choose a new CEC. 

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