Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thank God the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 has been passed by Dewan Rakyat

Despite the vocal protest of a small minority lead by the Bar Council, the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 has been finally passed with all BN MPs voting for the Bill to become Law:

I call this a watershed Bill, a historic moment in our blessed nation history, a moment where democracy is allowed to mature, now street protests are banned and children cannot be used by their irresponsible parents as a shield in any protest. The Bill protects the security and peace of majority Malaysians who do not bother about assembling and protesting and those who think assembling and protesting in public is their right. Kudos to the BN MPs who voted for the Bill.

Too bad about the DAP, PAS and PKR MPs who refused to take part in the democratic process to debate the Bill and take part in the voting process, their walkout is a disgrace and a slap in the face to those constituents who voted them to become their Wakil Rakyat. I suspect the Pakatan MPs agreed to the Bil overall but had to abstain as they want the votes of the minority such as the Bar Council and like minded anti anything Gomen NGOs.

Final word on the Bill by Minister Nazri:

“They are like apes (beruk), they say they are lawyers but they don’t behave that way. They act more like apes. They are not mature enough for this Bill,”

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