Thursday, 17 November 2011


A major demand of the outlawed Bersih2 movement is the use of indelible ink purportedly to prevent voters from voting twice so they say.

I have always voiced my opinion against the use of indelible ink:

1. I hate the sight of colored ink on my fingers, its hard to wash off and will disturb my concentration when I pray to God Al-Mighty.

2. My Constitutional Right to vote cannot be denied if I refuse to use indelible ink when my IC card is perfectly acceptable for identification even to take out money from my bank.

3.In our progress towards developed nation status lets not regress by using old technology which can be abused, lets use finger print biometrics, we already have fingerprint information embedded in the chip of our MyKad, just clean the electoral roll.

It makes me sick that the Bersih2 supporters and their sponsors the Pakatan parties forcing the Gomen to use indelible ink when it will be an obvious failure and will indeed cause chaos during the polls, we have for fifty four years gone through elections where citizens were allowed to vote without let or hindrance and as long as they bring their IC to prove that they are who they are in the electoral list. Let not this idiotic demand be the cause of violent confrontation between the political divide. In a democracy the minority's right cannot subdue nor over rule the right of the majority who does not want questionable indelible ink on their fingers.

Blogger PAPAGOMO proved that with cheap chemicals that can be bought from hardware stores in Malaysia, the so called indelible ink can be removed:

Blogger Tuan Syed has this to say:

I agree with Tuan Syed, if we must reform the elections let us reform these:

"if they want real electoral reform - lets just do three things.
i.   Lets limit the tenure of the Prime Minister, Menteri Besars, Chief Ministers to two terms only.
ii.  Lets fix the Polling Date, no more guesswork.
iii. All political parties MUST declare their funds. Where they get their money, how they spend it etc."

Gambar saya kebas dari Papagomo di sini