Friday, 11 November 2011

The NFC issue, just bite the bullet before it spirals out of control

When the Auditor General told us Malaysian public that the National Feedlot Center project is in a mess, I believed it.

"Headless" National Feedlot Centre project

The project was such a great idea when it was first mooted, the target was to reduce the nation's dependency on imported meat. It was a good project, unfortunately, it was a good project that went terribly wrong. It does not help that the project was given to a company owned and managed by family members of a serving Cabinet Minister never mind when her family got the job she was not a minister yet.


MOA Minister and Khairy tried to make a defence of what I think is an indefensible situation. Read here and here. Pity the PM had to be dragged into this mess too. Read here.

Now the Opposition PKR, picking on the AG's report has made some very serious allegations here:


Rafizi Ramli of PKR have almost practically boxed in the BN Gomen on the NFC issue:

"The debate on National Feedlot Corporation’s success (or failure, depending on which target you use) has dragged on for three weeks unabated. Judging by the intensity of comments made on the Internet, there is a strong possibility that it will snowball to become a national issue in the coming weeks if proper explanation is not forthcoming from the authorities."

The BN Gomen has been warned, the Opposition has got their teeth firmly on BN's soft underbelly and would not let go easily considering the political capital that can be gained by playing up the NFC issue. When the Minister involved finally spoke up. it was not at all convincing:

She was rightly criticised for bringing in Wanita UMNO into the growing scandal:

Where’s the beef, Shahrizat? 

As the heat in the kitchen gets hotter, the Malaysian public is being told:

Buying a condo using funds for cattle production? Now this is a really serious allegation which is growing hotter in its intensity as the PKR tries to dig as much dirt about the NFC as it possibly can. The BN cannot use the tired old statements that it is a load of crap and fitnah from the Opposition, remember, it was the AG who first said that the NFC project is a mess.

I think it is time the Husband and children of the Minister concerned,  give a public statement to defend the NFC and stop these allegations before things get out of control.

Rafizi ramli speaks for all when he said:
"Our society has evolved in recent years that it is no longer acceptable that a minister’s family can easily secure a RM250 million soft loan and a vast tract of land to breed cattle, when there are thousand others more experienced breeders who could have qualified for such a grant.
It disgusts the public that the minister’s family can spend close to a million ringgit on overseas travel and entertainment when the company has to dish out huge discounts to its customers in order to compete with imports.
The NFC debacle is not about technicalities. It is about the moral leadership expected of our public office holders to safeguard the public funds."
Wise words which transcends the political divide and a reminder to all public office holders when utilising public fund.

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HeroTamil said...

Damned!! a mess it is.
Really she was not a minister then??
Menteri jaga lembu maybe not...But she was a cabinet member in 2006, KEMENTERIAN PEMBANGUNAN WANITA, KELUARGA

later when she lost her seat at lembah pantai, she was appointed as Special Adviser to the Prime Minister for Women and Social Development Affairs with a MINISTER capacity.

Yep....This time these fellars are bitting it hard like a pitbull, not going to let this thing off easy.

sharizat's family should come out with a public statement to defend the NFC and stop these allegations before things get out of control.

Yep my personal take on this is not a bout cows or condo... Its all about pinning up UMNO to CRONYISM.