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Remember 4 November 2011, the day the Gomen came to their senses on the PPSMI

Education Act 1996 explicitly states that, “pupils are to be educated according to the wishes of their parents”.

In May 2010, the High Court in Kuala Lumpur decided that PPSMI did not contravene Article 152, the Education Act 1996 or the National Language Act 1963/67.

Datin Azimah of PAGE. Source here.

Remember Friday, 4 November 2011 friends, its a historical day when finally the Gomen did something sensible, they actually listened to the Parents! I guess the threat not to support BN in the next election was one credible threat not taken lightly by the Gomen:

PPSMI to continue for students already in it: DPM

The Cabinet decision today is only a delay tactic to let off pressure from PAGE and other pro PPSMI NGOs, Other Parents, individuals, bloggers, twitters and of course the man who introduced the  PPSMI when he was then PM of our country, Dr. Mahathir. Some people especially the lallang politicians from the Opposition calls it a flip flop, I say it is a good flip flop but though this battle is over the war is still ongoing, the objective is "reinstatement of the PPSMI as an option". 

PAGE's Datin Azimah has this to say:

I have no doubt that PAGE means business and I will support them how ever I can.

Dr. Mahathir has this to say:

"The idea of teaching Science in Bahasa Malaysia is like taking a step backwards.

"Not that I don't have any respect for my national language but the fact is that Science is a different subject. It is not a static knowledge. It keeps on going and improving.

"Everyday people do research and come out with new developments in the scientific field," he told reporters.

He was asked on the transition from the PPSMI into MBMMBI (Memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu dan Memperkasakan Bahasa Inggeris) -- a policy to uplift the usage of the national language and strengthening the command of English among school students.

Dr Mahathir, who introduced the PPSMI policy in 2003, said it was fine to teach other subjects using Bahasa Malaysia. He said he would support such move, as he was an advocate of the usage of the national language.

"However, when it comes to the future of our country, I have to be practical and make the necessary decision.

"I don't want Malaysians to be ignorant in this age of science and technological developments.

"If we cannot master the knowledge of Science, we will not progress. We won't be able to take the country to new heights in terms of scientific development," he said, adding that the issue had nothing to do with being disloyal towards the national language.

Asked if Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak could override the decision made by Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Dr Mahathir said that it could be done if the government decided it was the best move for the people.

Some people still thinks that PPSMI is about language, NO it  is never about language, it is about having the right tool for keeping pace and acquiring  knowledge in Maths and Science, changes that are happening rapidly everyday around the world. 

Actually the BN Gomen which introduced the PPSMI in 2003 before deciding to abolish it in 2009 need not  think too much nor worry about the votes, just do a nationwide referendum as suggested by Dr. Mahathir here.

Just remember, it ain't over until the fat lady sings.

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