Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Menteri should know what to do when the writing is on the wall

The NFC issue will for sure be milked by the Pakatan all the way until the next election, for those Sharizat diehards I tell them that the NFC issue was brought up by the Auditor General, an office of trust and integrity. Lets not give excuses for her and the NFC Management, the more you defend the more you give ammunition to the Pakatan who do not have much issues to play with since YAB President UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia came into office replacing his weak predecessor. All those hard work by YAB Najib can be demolished by perceptions of lack of trust and integrity in UMNO due to the NFC issue, make no mistake this is cannon fodder for the Pakatan.

Sharizat cannot divert the issue by saying its got nothing to do with her and unfortunately instead of explaining the issue in detail she choose to divert attention towards her attackers in PKR at the Umno General Assembly a few days ago. 

Lets face it Wanita UMNO is UMNO's backbone, they must be united and they must be lead by a Leader who has no baggage perceived or real. A weakened Wanita will and can cost YAB Najib the 2/3rd majority that BN is yearning for. I want it too but because it will bring political stability to this blessed country.

There are already rumblings after the Umno Assembly:

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“Come on, they understand. It is your husband, so what do you mean it has nothing to do with you? If you were not a minister do you think your husband would have gotten the project?”

If Sharizat loves UMNO, she should know what to do. Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera.

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