Sunday, 18 December 2011

Gomen should not repeal AUKU, students go to Universities to study not indulge in politics

It seems some University student activists are bent on forcing the Gomen to repeal the University and University College Act/Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (AUKU) they want freedom to indulge in politics it seems:

Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia demonstrators who claim that they represent University Students who wants to play with politics, 

Read more on the street demonstration here.

As a parent myself, I do not think that I want to see children who goes to Universities supposedly to earn a good degree lose focus and indulge themselves in politics. You go to a University to earn a good degree so that when you come out you can apply to get interviews for jobs. Once you get a good job do the best you can and once your career is stable maybe you can start thinking about joining politics. University Students should prioritise what they need to do when they enter a University and politics should be the least of their priority.

This is what Dr. Mahathir the man who introduced AUKU  wrote about AUKU. Read it well people especially my Malay student friends. 

Here is good advise from Yusuf Islam:

The Gomen should not bend to pressure, keep the AUKU, 
Students who wants to indulge in politics need not enter Universities.

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