Sunday, 25 December 2011

Surely Reverend you must have something else to say during Christmas eve

I always think that Christmas is a time for holidays with the family, but this year my festive mood is spoilt a bit by Reverend Eu  who was reported to have commented on the Article 153 of the Perlembagaan, read here. I am not interested to speculate why the good Reverend would home in on Article 153 during Christmas eve, maybe his intentions are "good". Instead of stirring the hornets nest, he ought to take example on how to give a X'mas Message from  Pope Benedict XVI without being accused of trying to play politics:

Read in full what the Pope's Christmas Message were.

Of course the Reverend's statement will draw a response:

here from a blog I like to visit:

Christmas, roasted turkey and politics

and here from a blogging buddy who have put Lim Guan Eng in his place many times:

What about Article 153 you must say:
Article 153 Special Position of Bumiputras.png

Article 153 also says:
Article 153 Legitimate Interests of Other Communities.png

Maybe the good Reverend ought to read and understand the History of the formation of Malaysia and the whole of the Perlembagaan first and then Article 153 for good measure before he says something which is obviously political in nature and affects the sensitivity of the various races in Malaysia and does the Reverend know that a majority of the Christians in Malaysia are made up of our brother Bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak? 

Nobody is bullying anybody in Malaysia lah Reverend. But for sure definitely there will parties who will give you a strong response to what you have to say, read here too. Malaysia is a working democracy you know, the right to say something also goes with the right to give a verbal response in kind. 

I think its not easy being the Government of a multiracial and multi religious country the only one of its kind in the world. You just can't please everybody can you?


Anonymous said...
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BIGCAT said...

Hi Eddy,
thanks...I'm flattered :)
What to do...some people like to think they are so oppressed...maybe makes them feel like martyrs....Roman-like muslims feeding Christians to the biblical...hoping for the first Malaysian saint, reverant? Well, I don't think so. The Pope is not a gullible man, ok. Or is it just to help some politicians win some votes? Ya, I think that is the real reason, no?

eddy said...

Hi Bigcat, thanks for visiting, you know what, the Reverend's message is eerily like that of the DAP. Anyway the Reverend has to decide whether to lead his flock or go into politics full time, he cannot have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

That speech is more like a personal statement which may be influenced by certain people, but now it has involved the entire Christian community which has excited certain people (eg. Perkasa). The Bible and the constitution are 2 different sets of documents and the Reverend should stick to what he knows best.

eddy said...

Touche anon 13:25 :)