Sunday, 11 December 2011

NFC issue: Finally the grand old man speaketh; Dr. M tells Shahrizat to go

“If we feel it is necessary to quit for the sake of party, we quit. When I wanted to quit, I didn’t ask anyone. I hope others do the same. Don’t wait for people to chase you off.

“Yes, ukur baju di badan sendiri (measure yourself up),” 

It just had to happen finally, Dr Mahathir the Grand Old Man of Malaysian Politics said it loud and clear:

Dr M tells Shahrizat to go

The writing is not just on the wall now, I think Minister Shahrizat better get her exit plan in motion, her days as a senior politician is by all account over, its time to go, PM Najib cannot have her as a winnable candidate not even the safest of safe BN seat in Putrajaya, and I don't think Tengku Adnan would let go of the seat that easy anyway. 

Don't blame me, I think she will have a ghost of a chance to win in Lembah Pantai, Minister Raja Nong Chik have a better chance than her against the incumbent PKR MP Nurul Izzah daughter of Anwar. It seems Shahrizat is still defiant even one day after Dr. Mahathir gave her the goodbye sign, read here.

Speaking of Dr. Mahathir, I sure wish to hear his comments on the aftermath of the secret shareswap between MAS and AirAsia's (Tony F and kawan) with the support of Khazanah and probably tacit agreement of the powers that be. It is garnering too much negative publicity and like the NFC scandal will eventually cause BN a lot of votes overall while only a select few benefits. I am not going to repeat what has been said in the blogs notably here, here, here and here, here and here too.

The secret  shareswap has not done much to turn MAS's fortune though, the stock is at a low RM1.34 now:

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This is quite a good post by A Voice:

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Like I was saying just now, I sure wish to hear Dr. Mahathir's view on MAS, Khazanah Corporate maneuvering and Tony F's war against the MAHB. These corporate maneuvering gives BN a very bad name. One should not wonder why the Pakatan politicians has kept mum on the MAS, Air Asia, Khazanah and MAHB issues, why should they make opposition noise, while BN shoots itself in the foot. 

BN leaders, the powers that be, do not get the drift?

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