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Knives out for Jeff Ooi, will he call it quits soon?
Posted on August 7, 2011 by editor

The writing has been on the wall for a while. There has been loud grumblings in Komtar, where the Penang Chief Minister’s Office is located.

Unknown to many, within the state administrative office, many personal clashes are evolving.

Knives have been drawn out with political ambitions becoming the preoccupation of the DAP politicians rather than ideals and principles.

They talk of championing for the causes of the people and serving the rakyat, yet they are more engrossed with internal politicking within their ranks.

In fact, knives have been pierced on the backs of many as the Little Napoleons, in the words of the Jelutong MP, as political minnows and small time Penang state assemblymen compete for the attention of Lim Guan Eng.

Jeff Ooi is perceived as arrogant and is said to have little respect for certain state representatives, some of whom can barely speak English – for example state exco members Danny Law and Lim Hock Seng.

But then the 2008 tsunami swept these people into power and the result is that Lim Guan Eng now has to shoulder most of the work. What with the illiterates he has with him.

But we can understand the increasing frustration of Jeff Ooi.

The state government is now run by non-Penangites. Although Jeff Ooi is Kedah born, he speaks the northern style Hokkien – not the crude Hokkein from the South spoken by Guan Eng.

In fact, Malacca boy Guan Eng is still struggling to speak and understand the dialect. His deputy Dr P.Ramasamy is from Selangor. Another exco member Chow Kon Yeow is from Kuala Lumpur.

Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong, who thinks he is the party’s political strategist, is from Selangor and hardly speaks Hokkein.

So it comes as no surprise if there is a breakdown in communication at the Penang Chief Minister’s Office. But soon, no one could be talking to each other as the animosity grows.

The manifestation of such a stressful relationship among those leaders do not auger well for Penangites because these politicians will be focusing on plotting against each other rather than giving attention to the rakyat which they rightly deserved.

Outsiders aside, there are local bred DAP politicos with ambition of standing in the next general election as they feel they can wipe out the BN.

They also see themselves replacing Jeff Ooi with Jelutong being regarded as a safe parliamentary seat for the DAP.

In fact, Chow, who liked to play dumb in the snakes’ pit, is already encouraging his men to take pot shots at Jeff Ooi. Jeff Ooi’s spat with the state exco member in charge of housing could be his Waterloo.

The former blogger has said this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. But we have been told that this is the latest knife on his back.

The word is that Jeff Ooi is no longer willing to put up with the crap at Komtar. In true Pakatan Rakyat style, Guan Eng has issued a gag order and pretends the problems have disappeared in the thin air.

Sweeping the problem under the carpet seems to be the convenient thing to do.

But the war has been declared. Jeff Ooi will either make life easy for the DAP warlords by declining to contest or he will expose out the dirt ahead of the polls.

The war of words over some low-medium cost housing matters between Jeff Ooi and exco in charge of housing Wong Hon Wai has appeared to have tapered off.

But it’s on surface only. Apparently both of them have decided to bury the hatchet but it’s for show only.

What lies below the surface will be boiling and it’s only a matter of time that it will spill out. Time will only tell.

The problem is that the word is out that Jeff Ooi won’t get to defend his seat in Jelutong. Looks like he may have to go back to blogging to make himself heard again.

Let me just say that I like Jeff Ooi the blogger better than YB Jeff the MP.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alert. Have checked them out & will bookmark.

Ponzi said...

This is a con job of the highest order. Giving 20% MAS shares to Tony Fernandes is daylight robbery.

AirAsia is a company whose airplanes are still unpaid in the billions. While MAS assets are all paid for.

Is this a bail out for AirAsia who has no money to pay for 200 planes.

How is Tony Fernandes going to pay for 200 jets with no money? The banks of course but which bank will take risk of payments on revenue of nasi lemak and peanuts and free tickets.

Like a ponzi scheme, Tony has to continue borrow bigger and bigger.

In Japan he said that he will be able to keep cost like in Malaysia. Is he going to import everything from Malaysia and not use japanese inputs?

This is not magic but pure ponzi. By the time he is discovered he will be retired with multibillion MAS assets.

TribunalEkonomiMelayu said...

Pemberian 20 % saham MAS kepada Tony Fernandez oleh kerajaan UMNO bukan sahaja tidak munasabah tetapi menganiayai orang Melayu yang memilih UMNO sebagai suara mereka.

Tony Fernandex adalah seorang Kristian berbangsa India dan jelas sekali kerajaaan yang kita ingatkan selama ini kerajaan Melayu telah dikuasai oleh Kristian2 seperti Idris Jala dan kuncu-kuncu mereka.

Kenapakah UMNO memberi aset kapalterbang bernilai separuh bilion kepada Kristian Tony Fernandex dan membina lapangan terbang untuknya.

Jelas sekali ada golongan Melayu yang mengaut keuntungan dengan pembinaan lapangan terbang yang berharga berbilion.

Ini boleh dilihat dari tindakan Mampu Sulaiman Mahbob yang cuba merompak Sime Darby dengan projek lapangan terbang. Tony Fernandex sebagai kuncu memainkan peranan menekankan kononnya dia tidak ada tempat untuk letak kapalterbang.

Kononnya akan pindah ke bangkok dan lain2. Tetapi ada golongan pengkhianat dalam Khazanah yang tugas mereka adalah mengaut keuntungan dengan penjualan aset negara yang dikuasai oleh UMNO ketika ini. Sebelum UMNO kalah dalam PRU 13 nampaknya Azman Mohtar dan budak2 lain kawan sekolahnya cuba merompak Maybank Investment Bank dengan membeli syarkat Mohzani Mahahtir dan Syaril Shamsuddin pada harga yang tidak munasabah dan tidak dijamin keuntungan.

Pemberian saham 20% MAS kepads Kristian India adalah tidak sah di segi perlembagaan kerana kaum India hanya merupakan kurang dari 10 peratus penduduk Malaysia.. Aset MAS adalaah aset berbayar sebenar, sedangkan kapal terbang Tony Fernandex adalah hutang berpulu bilion yang belum berbayar.

Untuk mencari siapa pengkhianat dan dalang penjualan aset negara kepada India ini, kita perlu adakan Tribunal Ekonomi Melayu untuk menangkap dan membicarakan mereka yang terlibat. Senarai budak2 Melayu yang perlu diberi perhatian selain Azman Mohtar adalah Tengku Zafrul lanun di Maybank Investment yang tiada bisnes tapi di ambil oleh PNB masuk kedalam Maybank. Semua ahli syarikat Binafikir yang mengaut keuntungan dalam rompakan Sime Darby melalui merger yang mengakibatkan Sime Darby kepunyaan orang Melayu rugi berbilion.

MAS juga konon di pulihkan budak2 mentah Binafikir yang membawa kepada kerugian sekarang.