Monday, 22 August 2011

Acid splashing crimes: The minimum punishment ought to be a mandatory life sentence

1. Besides murder and drug trafficking, one of the most heinous crime that could be done to another human being is splashing of liquid acid on another fellow human being with the evil aim to maim and disfigure the victim.

2. Acid throwing is an extremely violent crime by which the perpetrator of the crime seeks to inflict severe physical and mental suffering on his victim. Read here.

3. There are many documented cases of acid attacks all over the globe, just google "acid attacks" and you will find many results.

4. I am very alarmed on the number of acid throwing crimes which has not been solved and the perpetrators still at large read here - Serial Acid Splasher in Malaysia/specifically KL. I fear for the safety of our sons and daughters due to the random nature of the attack.

5. Just recently a victim, a young man was splashed with acid leaving his face disfigured and probably an eye damaged beyond medical help and it turned out that the attacker is a friend of his read here.

6. Criminal attacks using corrosive acids is not new and Malaysia have plenty of Laws to deal with these heinous crime according to the the severity of the injury read here.  quote"There are sufficient provisions of law under the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act 1958 and also the Penal Code (revised 1997), Section 323, 324 or 326, for the prosecution of such offenders,"end quote.

7. We can't fault the tireless men in Blue for trying very hard to nab the criminals, read here, all they need is a small break or an anonymous info which will help nab the acid splashing beasts.

8. As a deterrent, I would like to suggest to the Authorities, our Peguam Negara Tan Sri Gani Patail that the punishment for acid splashing of any kind which cause any severity of injury to the face and body be a mandatory life sentence. If he splashes 1 person it will be 1 life sentence, if he splashes 10 persons with acid then he be given 10 consecutive life sentences. If he is determined to be mentally unstable then he should be lock-up up in an asylum and the key be thrown away. Society must be protected from such criminals.

9. As a control I also suggest that all sale and distribution of corrosive acids be recorded and only persons with special Government registration can be allowed to sell and buy acids. The sale of acids  should be the same as that of existing rule to cover the sale and usage of high explosives. Acids are after all a most dangerous substance that could maim victims physically and mentally for the rest of their lives.

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