Friday, 26 August 2011

Lynas issue: Time for PKR Fuziah to issue a public apology in light of latest revelation by 2 of the country's nuclear scientists

The Anti-Lynas Protest led by PKR MP for Kuantan YB Fuziah Salleh hit a solid wall yesterday after two of the country's nuclear scientist Prof. Dr. Ahmad Termizi Ramli and PAS MP for Hulu Langat YB Dr.Che Rosli Che Mat spoke against the unnecessary rumor mongering by the Anti-Lynas movement led by PKR supported by DAP, PAS the Bar Council  dan yang lain-lain yang sekutu dengan mereka. 

Yes folks the Lynas Plant is NOT a nuclear plant and the radiation levels  is safe not as bad as portrayed by the Anti Lynas movement. See the report here:

The truth is out, the anti Lynas movement is just a political ploy manipulated to the hilt by the PKR and DAP to garner support for themselves for the upcoming General elections that is all.

In light of the latest revelation, I think the only thing left to do for YB Fuziah and PKR is to issue a public apology for misleading the public especially Kuantan folks on the Lynas issue.

Blogger Dato' Ahirudin certainly thinks that YB Fuziah is not alone read his very chili pedas post here: 

Lynas lies: Fuziah wasn't alone

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