Monday, 29 August 2011

Anybody who calls Communist Terrorists as heroes insults the memory of the civilians and armed forces members murdered by them

On 21st August 2011, Mat Sabu who used to call Anwar Ibrahim Al-Jubr gave a PAS ceramah at Tasek Gelugor Pulau Pinang where he hailed as the real heroes the 200 Communist Terrorists lead by Mat Indera(a sumatran) and Goh Peng Tun who attacked the Small Police Station at Bukit Kepung manned by about 25 Malay Police Constables. 

In the attack the Police Station were overwhelmed and burnt to the ground and most of the Constables including their families, wives and children were massacred by Mat Sabu's heroes. 

Mat Sabu also had the temerity to say that Dato'Onn Jaafar who led the successful anti Malayan Union movement and Tunku Abdul Rahman our Bapa merdeka are not qualified to be called independence fighters as they worked for the Brits colonialists. Can PAS leaders ask this guy to shut up as his ignorance is reflecting badly on PAS in many ways than one.

These are the overwhelming reaction of Malaysians towards Mat Sabu kurang ajar speech: 

A visibly upset Malaysian War Hero, Kanang Anak Langkau the only double recipient of  Pingat  Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB) and Seri  Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP) after reading Mat Sabu's history challenged statement

I would not be surprised if former members of our security forces whose colleagues lost lives and limbs fighting the Communist Terrorists way after Merdeka until 1989 are really upset with Mat Sabu who I think is a bit mentally challenged for his post as PAS's Timbalan Presiden. He will be a liability for PAS if he keeps up with making divisive and potentially seditious statements in public. PAS will be punished in the next election, I mean really punished big time.

Many see red over Mat Sabu's statement

Politics of making heroes villains

I like this post written from some one who really knows and has been in action against the Communists Terrorists, an ex-PASKAU officer, Bro Seademon:

The image of a burnt corpse of a fallen hero in the Bukit Kepong massacre by the Communist terrorists is haunting and will shadow any shallow ignoramus like Mat Sabu who thinks that these Communist terrorists are "heroes" fighting for Malaysia's independence.

In fact Historian Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said that Malaysians who claimed to be Communists supporters usually were not aware of what they were fighting for in the country and how communism came here.

He asked if Mat Sabu were aware that the Communists in Malaya were part of a world movement and never had any intention to make Malaya an independent state but part of a communist order with no boundaries between nations. TS Khoo also said that prior to the Communist Party of Malaya, the first Communist organisation here were called The Provisional Commission of the Communist Party of China which spoke volumes of its link to China's politics. Subsequently the communist Party of Malaya was formed at the directive of Communist International which has its roots in Russia. 

The rest is history, not UMNO's inspired history but history as it is written by historians. I think Mat Sabu or Ronnie Liu does not know nor do they bother to read Malaysia's history. It is more important now that Sejarah be made a compulsory pass for students, otherwise they would be led down the garden path by ignoramus politicians the likes of PAS's Mat Sabu.

Some people say people like Mat Sabu should be ignored, I say no, people like Mat Sabu should be investigated for sedition. There are already dozens of Police Reports against Mat Mabu, I hope the PDRM will investigate this matter thoroughly and bring Mat Sabu to court if there are enough evidence to charge him. Let Mat Sabu be a lesson for any Communist Terrorist sympathisers or lovers who dare  to divide and incite Malaysians to hate each other. Mat Sabu and his ilk insults the memory of many civilians and armed forces members murdered by these Communist Terrorists.

I would also like to know what is Pakatan Leaders stand on Mat Sabu's statement that the Communist Terrorist mass murderers who murdered our civilians and our armed forces members are heroes of independence, as Merdeka day approaches I want a clear answer from Hj Hadi, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim. If no clear response is forthcoming then I can only conclude they are Communist Terrorists sympathisers as well, they do not deserve to govern this blessed nation.

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