Thursday, 7 April 2011

Singapore Defence Budget is top 20 largest in the world: Want to know why?

"The Republic of Singapore defence budget is very large. It was reported that  in 2005, Singapore’s defence budget as a percentage of GDP (4.5%) was the 17th largest in the world. That amount translated to over USD 7 billion for FY 2005. In contrast, Singapore’s immediate neighbours, Malaysia and Indonesia spent just under USD 4 billion (2.3% of GDP) and under USD 5 billion (1.2 of GDP) respectively. Both in absolute as well as percentage of GDP terms, Singapore’s defence budget outstrips its two immediate neighbours’. Some estimates (the reliability of which cannot all be verified) place Singapore as the second-highest defence spending country in the world, behind only Israel, when the defence budget is measured in per capita terms."
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I think I can partly figure out why Singapore Gomen insist on spending on very expensive high tech push button weaponry, no not because they are afraid of being surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia but just have a read at this:

Army recruit gets maid to carry backpack for him
Written by Malaysia Chronicle

SINGAPORE - A Singapore recruit who sparked internet debate after he got his maid to carry his backpack has stepped forward and admitted his mistake to his superior.

In a letter to The Straits Times Forum Page, the Ministry of Defence said the Singapore Armed Forces has completed its investigation into the case.

'The serviceman concerned has identified himself to his commander,' said Colonel Desmond Tan, director of Mindef's Public Affairs Department.

Col Tan said he was a recruit undergoing the Physical Training Preparatory phase prior to Basic Military Training (BMT).

'The recruit is remorseful for his actions and realises that it was wrong for him to have allowed this,' he said.

'He has been counselled and continues his training. The SAF has reminded all servicemen to be mindful of their conduct in public.'

A photograph of the full-time national serviceman (NSF) and his maid, which was taken from a Facebook account, surfaced on The Straits Times online portal Stomp on March 27 and became viral.

It showed just their backs and appeared to have been taken in the Tanah Merah vicinity.

The image spawned emotions ranging from outrage to amusement to angst about the state of Singapore's youth.

It also led to a frenzy of forum postings, tweets and articles. Spoofs also made the rounds, with one showing a platoon of maids carrying field packs marching on a parade square.

The Daily Chilli

Yes, Singapore conscript soldiers are going soft, just hope they don't have their maids following them into battle.

Ah, these are Real Soldiers from Malaysia:

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