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The aftermath of the Sarawak General Election; wither the BN Chinese based parties in the face of the DAP onslaught?

The Sarawak 2011 State Election has ended with a convincing  BN 2/3rd majority win over Pakatan led by the DAP relentless campaign based on race. The results: 

Source: MI here.

While the BN is the biggest winner in the Sarawak elections with the PBB leading the way with 35 seats, Chinese based BN/SUPP lost big time to the DAP which led the Pakatan rally as the PKR challenge withered in the election heat and PAS which thought that they had a chance got a duck instead.

DAP's campaign was a no holds barred racist assault on CM Taib and the BN party components, asking the Chinese constituent to oust the CM who in his 30 years of public service had done nothing but good for the prosperous Sarawak community. Seems BN's "madu dibalas dengan tuba" and SUPP the BN Chinese based party was practically trounced by the DAP with Sarawak Deputy CM Dr George Chan even losing to a young DAP candidate. Dr Chan has now announced his decision to quit politics.

The obvious ethnic Chinese leaning towards the DAP has prompted many partisan opinions this one sums it all:

A reaction from Utusan is simply BN has to go on without the Chinese votes in the next GE..Realiti Baru a sentiment which I believed is being shared by many many people.

This is what I twitted this morning on what I think the unfortunate scenario is:

"Pengundi ethnik Cina diSarawak terlampau dipengaruhi janji manis DAP, mereka ingat PR boleh menang Sarawak dgn simple majority, DAP deliver all seats, remainder by PKR and SNAP and maybe 1 by PAS macam configuration kerajaan Perak DAP sebelum ditumbangkanlah, unfortunately only DAP delivered while PKR,SNAP dan PAS kecundang. Apabila wakil etnik Cina SUPP ditewaskan sekarang yg nampak rugi dr segi politik ia lah etnik Cina yang berharap Pakatan menang. When the music stops they don't hv a chair to sit on. Now CM Taib is thinking hard about their representation in the DUN Sarawak."         (eddydaud, Mon 18 April 10:51)

Today CM Taib has announced his State Minister lineup and as expected there is no SUPP Adun as Deputy CM:

Sarawak Cabinet sworn in, minus DCM from SUPP

It remains to be seen how the new Sarawak State Government would react to the voters who had voted overwhelmingly for the DAP. Nevertheless, I guess Dr. Mahathir would have the last say:

KUALA LUMPUR, April 18 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that the Chinese community in Sarawak has rejected multiracialism after being infected by the virus of Chinese racism that he said is the guiding principle of the DAP.
He also suggested that any DAP administration would only be ostensibly Malaysian.
The former prime minister accused the DAP of destroying the power-sharing formula that Barisan Nasional (BN) had implemented for half a century.
“I congratulate the DAP for bringing its racist politics to Sarawak. Before this all races co-operated well with each other for the good of Sarawak. Now we see clearly that the Chinese community in Sarawak has rejected multiracialism,” he wrote in his blog today.
“They have become infected by the virus of Chinese racism that is the guiding principle of the DAP,” said Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister.
On Saturday, the DAP won 12 mainly urban seats in the Sarawak state election by riding the anti-Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud sentiment.
Dr Mahathir said that the DAP in Sarawak, where it first established itself in 1978, was almost totally rejected in the past.
But after winning the lion’s share of Chinese-majority seats, “the DAP has destroyed this power and wealth-sharing formula by separating the Chinese from the rest,” he said.
“For more than half a century the races in Malaysia had worked together to build the nation. The world saw stable BN governments with power and wealth being shared by all races quite fairly.
“None of the races got everything that they considered they were entitled to — not the Malays, nor the Chinese, nor Indians, nor Ibans, Kadazans, etc. All had to give up something. That is the essence of sharing,” he wrote.
The DAP doubled its presence in the Sarawak state assembly from six to 12 seats in Saturday’s election, nearly wiping out its rival Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) in Chinese-majority seats where the latter only won in two such seats.
Dr Mahathir, who was PM from 1981 to 2003, said if the same pattern was seen in the next general election that is expected to be held in a year, it would split the country.
“Malaysia faces a grave danger of being divided by two parties — one Malay dominated by default and the other Chinese by choice. This will not be good for Malaysia. But this is what the DAP is striving for. A two-party system based on race will not contribute to stability much less national unity.
“I pray and hope that the Sarawak pattern is not repeated in this beloved country. Let us all think carefully whether we want to split up this country or we are prepared to sacrifice something of our own in order to maintain the stability and growth through the BN coalition,” he said.
He said that even though the DAP talked about a Malaysian Malaysia, it only appealed to the racial sentiments of the Chinese.
“Those Chinese who reject the DAP seem to be considered as non-Chinese by the DAP. The presence of a few Malays in the DAP is just window dressing,” he said.
He again accused the DAP of emulating Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in sidelining the Malays.
“It is the same as in Singapore where the PAP government sidelined their Malay supporters completely. The Malays make up 15 per cent of the island’s population but their share of political power and wealth of this very prosperous nation is about one per cent.
“Of course, Singapore is ruled by Singaporeans. The same would happen in Malaysia should the DAP rule this country. It would be ostensibly be Malaysian,” he added. Source here.

I think our Malaysian Chinese Brothers should prove Dr. Mahathir wrong and should reject DAP's racist politics.

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Anonymous said...

Mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih: "DAP has warned MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek not to emulate Utusan Malaysia’s tactic of racialising the results of the Sarawak election. ... said DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng",

Kalau DAP sendiri berupaya mengelak daripada 'racialising' langkah-langkah politiknya, ianya pasti tidak akan hanya bertanding di kerusi-kerusi majoriti Cina.

Di samping kemaraan DAP tidak bisa dipatahkan lagi, MCA pula akan lingkup menjelang PRU13. Ketara kecenderongan undi-undi Cina dibolos oleh DAP. 'Branding' Cap Roket di kalangan kaum Cina kebelakangan ini sangat laku bak pisang goreng panas.

Namun topeng Malaysian First parti tersebut sebenarnya berselindungkan wajah hodoh, amat hodoh. Tetapi janganlah kita berharap akan saf pemimpin Kristian DAP (yang diuar-uarkan Khalifah itu) bermuhasabah diri.