Sunday, 24 April 2011

POS Malaysia buy over by TS Syed Mokhtar owned group, how could it be positive news for Malaysia

I would like to share this story, about TS Syed Mokhtar's(TSM) ever expanding business empire. I have actually worked with one of TSM's many companies back in the 1990s, I must say that he is an astute businessman surrounded by astute business advisors. I am impressed by his philanthropy, the Al-Bukhary Foundation and many more not known. As one of the leading Malay Businessman who made good, I look up to him as a source of inspiration. However sometimes I do question why he is given so much by the Government, the latest being POS MALAYSIA:

Khazanah sells Pos Malaysia stake to DRB-HICOM

Syed Mokhtar adds POS Malaysia to growing empire

The above news prompted a very critical response from blogger Snowball here:

I think Snowball has a point or two, really there must be other Malay/Bumi entrepreneur out there with the right group of financial advisors who will be equally good or better who are loyal Malaysians who can do the job. 

Placing so much national and strategic assets on one person's hand surely is not good common sense lets not even begin  talking about the financial and security risk exposed to Malaysians and Malaysia. 

Psst...I am available if anybody looking for partners for takeover of Gomen entities..He he.

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