Monday, 1 June 2015

Don't ask people to resignlah, just answer the 1MDB questions, can?

Kawan tertarik dengan beberapa berita hari ini, antaranya:

The above is a bit harsh, apparently there is more than meets the eye:

The agreement to rehabilitate #1MDB by the Cabinet Ministers are not without conditions apparently, going by these tweets from YB Hishamuddin Hussein and YB Rahman Dahlan:

Its good to know that some in the Cabinet are not Pak Turuts or Pak Pandirs and I hope when Minister MK2 do really give his explanation it will be proper answers: 

.......not another red herring or  none answers or just fishing trips that lead to the rakyat asking more questions, ok.

And by the way PM sir, please don't have Ministers who say these things:

Ministers be they Menteri Besar, Chief Ministers or Cabinet Ministers or even State Excos must understand that a party official in this case BN's Najib Razak was appointed to become PM and head the Malaysian Government precisely because BN won more Dewan Rakyat seats than the loose Malaysian Opposition in PRU13. 

Maka janganlah penyokong2 Najib suka-suka cakap macam MB NS ni, kalau berani tujukan soalan tu kepada YB2 Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional dan suruh mereka buat secret ballot suka atau tidak suka PM. Kalau boleh buat...baru boleh cerita...kalau tidak don't waste people's time talking nonsense lah. It does not solve the trust deficit that is getting bigger by the day and if not controlled will become fire that consume BN in PRU14.

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Cara pendekar bugis ni makin lama makin macam gangster

apasal tak nak tunggu audit hahh?

Anonymous said...

Dude JMT,

Short & Sharp....except now is the time to cut through excuses, lies, belligerent, arrogance, spendrift, the list can go on and on and on but for now, this is enough said for this bugis-shit who will bring down the pinnacle of malay-muslims political dominance.

If you notice, the malay-muslims are restless and so do DAPigs when they had to come up with such statement as "...tampok kepimpinan melayu dijamin oleh DAP apabila PR memerintah..." somewhere along that line.

Because of this One-is-ALL or ALL-is-One ie. PM, FM, Chairman-Board of Advisors (1MDB) bugis-degil, kepentingan melayu banyak tergadai, nak cerita panjang sangat lah.