Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Its D-Day for MAS people today, I wish them best of luck and please have plenty of patience

Latest update 1st June 2015:

Red-letter day for 20,000 staff

Best of luck to my MRSM Kuantan buddies Johari and Hibban. 

Updated 1:

I hope good news for  MAS people:

A better MAS layoff deal

Original Post:

This week, today is D-Day for the 20,000 or so MAS people some of whom are my friends that I know way back from my MRSM days. I wish them all the best of luck, no matter what happens banyaklah one door closes many other doors will open, InsyaAllah.

Related News:

It will either be tears of joy or anguish for 20,000 MAS employees

Perhaps read some background:

I understand the new Airline replacing Malaysia Airlines Berhad will be completely new, I hope they also throw away the kite logo:

...................totally unsuitable, as a kite in real life has got a string attached to it....let the new logo be a bird....let it soar.

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