Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ramadhan Rantings 2015 Part 1 of not sure how many

1. It has been a meaningful Ramadan for me so far, I hope you faithfuls have a meaningful and blessed Ramadhan too. At 54, I approach Ramadan every year as if its my last. Ramadan has always brought much meaningful spiritual happiness in me, in this holy month all tasks seems easy.......dipermudahkan Allah.

2. On Father's Day last Sunday(21.06.2015), I even cooked Beryani ala Sindhi with beef ribs for the family with the help of my wifey of course. I thot it was a good meal if I can say so myself as I had two helpings in a row (masuk bakul angkat sendirilah, orang Melayu kata) :)) 

So much for that......

3. Seems the Pakatan "Civil War" on hudud has not abated....but  naah... don't look too much into it, its just smoke screen, its a combination of wayang pek ji cina Dap and wayang kulit Pas. In public, Pas needs to dissociate themselves completely from the Dap to be sure of more Malay votes in PRU14 when the anticipated Malay Tsunami really do come and hit Umno, while the Dap which clearly needs Pas, does not want to lose their Chinese vote bank in PRU14. 

Anyway they say the test in the pudding is in the eating...lets see how the PR drama in Selangor works out, will the MB and his Pkr, Dap and Pas excos work well together? If they are doing things quietly then you knowlah, these gaduh-gaduh just a show to dupe the Malays and the Chineselah. Forget about the Pasma dudes, they are frustrated Pas people in sheep's skin, and you know what? I don't think they'll last longer than 1 month outside Pas.

My hope is the old guard in Pakatan like Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Hadi, Azizah just retire and let the young and the youthful do their thing to rejuvenate the Pakatan Parties who seemed to be devoid of any ideas for a better Malaysia for all. Can they govern with good governance? Difficult to say, but if God wills it..we will know.....

4. I do not want to say too much about the party I ever voted for in the PRUs except this:

a. Umno has lost the trust of the urban Malays. The youths speak of Umno leaders in disdain.

b. With the present group of leaders Umno will soon lose the trust of non-urban Malays' votes if not in PRU14 definitely PRU15.

c. In future Umno can only be in power with the help of BN parties in Sabah and Sarawak but that is provided that Umno can win big in the Peninsular, which seems very unlikely everyday as events in FGV unfolds (Plunging stock price and questionable land purchase from Indonesia Rajawali Group) and God knows what else comes out of the baggage bag huh. Not to mention the 1MDB debt scandal, the overpriced Genting Power Station acquisition and now the Mara oversea property debacle.

d. Wahai ahli parti keramat Umno....slogan Hidup Melayu, demi bangsa, demi agama dah tak makan lah...orang Melayu dah menyampah dengan perangai ketua-ketua kamu.

e. Umno is a party in denial, its like a rusted ship full of holes helmed by a Panglima Bugis or someone who claims that he is a Panglima going into a perfect storm in the PRU14 seas, full of huge  and rolling 1MDB, FGV, Tabung Haji waves. Can it survive to form the Government after PRU14. Could be, but not as big brother...after PRU14 we could even see the first PM outside of Umno from either Sabah or Sarawak. 

f. Don't laugh ok, politics in Malaysia is the art of the impossible. Didn't Dr. Mahathir hand picked Najib to become Prime Minister a few years back and what is Dr. Mahathir doing now?

5. If Umno does not change, I am afraid many Malays who voted for it in PRU13 will not do so any more. Hope the powers that be listens....sayang parti atau sayang individu? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

To be Continued.....Bersambung.


Oldstock said...

Salam Ramadhan bro,

If I may just touch on your point no. 4, lama-lama orang Sabah dan Sarawak pun akan hilang kepercayaan and that will be the end game for BN and UMNO. Pada masa tu, orang UMNO have no one else to blame but themselves.

eddy said...

Salam Ramadhan bro, thanks for visiting, I must say your prediction will come true sooner than later, and yes Umno has got nobody else to blame but themselves.