Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Belum Menang, Jangan Bersorak Lagi


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No Difference! - We Prove How The Allegations Of "Tampering" Are Lies

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Some blogs here, here went to town about the arrest of a former PetroSaudi International namely Xavier Andre Justo who was apparently paid to leave the company:

I think the pro-Najib people should hold their horseslah, I do not think anybody or any organisation is vindicated or wrong just because this one person got caught. Most or not all of the questions on 1MDB asked by DrM still remain unanswered by Xavier's arrest ok.

Read this latest blog post, its not spin material, its very factual:

I  believe Xavier's arrest is just part of a long chain of events on 1MDB and other financial scandals which will totally break the trust that the Rakyat have on an UMNO/BN since Merdeka. 

Not unless, those few good men left in UMNO rise up and say that enough is enough..something needs to be done!

By the way saya bukan ProMahathir....saya ProMalaysia........ I am grateful for what the BN Gomen has done for Malaysia and I firmly believe we could do a lot better if the powers that be are accountable to the nation, and as a tax paying citizen I have the right to criticise and say things which I think will help create a better tomorrow for my children and their children.

'If you want to make money be a businessman, if you want to serve the nation be a civil servant, if you want to make this country a great nation be a honest politician'

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