Sunday, 1 June 2014

Be warned: Escalators are Dangerous, it is not a play thing!

Escalator Dangers Ignored

Sad to read about this tragedy yesterday from TheStar:

Child plunges three floors to her death in KL mall

KUALA LUMPUR: A weekend family outing turned tragic when a girl, believed to be six-years-old, fell from the third floor of a popular Mall in Kuala Lumpur at around 2pm Saturday.

The girl, Nurul Emielda Nadia Sallehuddin, was ascending an escalator to the third floor of the mall together with her parents when she fell.

According to her parents' statements to the police, they took their eyes off their daughter briefly when they heard a loud thud from a lower floor.

"They looked down and saw that their daughter had fallen off the escalator, and was lying on the floor several levels below.

"It is believed that Nurul Emielda slipped out of the corner of the escalator through a small opening," said Brickfields OCPD ACP Muhammad Azlee Abdullah.

An ambulance arrived shortly and Nurul Emielda was pronounced dead at the scene.

A shopping mall janitor, who cleaned up the area said she saw the child lying in a pool of blood with head injuries.

"Her parents were wailing and her mother kept saying 'she just started Year One!' (dia baru masuk Darjah Satu)" she said.

Shopping mall employees cordoned off the LG level and areas close to the escalators as police carried out their investigations.

Nurul Emielda's body was sent to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for a post-mortem, and the case has been classified as sudden death.

Nurul Emielda's death is takdir, her time has come, but that should not stop Parents from not taking their eyes of their children even for 1 second always Keep them under close supervision when using the escalators please. 

Actually there has been many cases of accidents involving escalators, most of it involving injuries which are really bad but almost never fatal, Nurul Elmeida's death falling off the escalator thru a 'small opening' is quite rare. For one thing she should never have been allowed to play on or around the escalator and the Mall owner will have to look at the 'opening' which she fall through. Remedial structural work must be immediately taken. 

A modern escalator is basically a huge inclined conveyor belt machine, it does not stop if it hits human or human flesh. It is a dangerous machine and must be treated with utmost care because it can injure or kill.


So Parents please ensure that your children do not play on or around escalators, it is not a play thing, escalators can injure or kill!

Everybody else if you see unsupervised children playing on escalators tell them to stop immediately and tell their parents too.

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