Thursday, 27 February 2014

Of UMNO, Bangsa Malaysia, NRP, NUCC, Gerrymandering and other rantings

I have been avidly reading through the news and blogs on matters of Bangsa Malaysia, the form with no race required to be written on it, the 505 Election result, National Reconciliation Plan (Pelan Rekonsiliasi), the NUCC/MKPN dan macam-macam pelanlah.

I have not been ranting for a long while, bear with me ok :) ......
  1. I am not going to say that we Malaysians are fantastically great with each other lah, but we are doing OK, the Malays still buy things from Chinese and many still help old ladies or OKUs crossing the streets irrespective of creed or colour, the problem is some politicians and some parties (read DAP n PKR) out to squeeze as much votes for themselves and their party are exaggerating our differences and making us quarreling in the open with each other.
  2. If anybody needs reconciling, then it will be ALL our political parties and their leaders, if they can reconcile with each other today, 95% of our racial or religious problems will be solved. Najib's NRP should be renamed National Political Parties Reconciliation Plan, we the ordinary people don't need to get involved, we just want peace and stability so that we can work and perhaps be prosperous like our rich and prosperous Chinese Malaysian community. But looking at the reaction from racist Kit Siang who poured scorn on PM Najib's peaceful and re conciliatory gestures to Malaysians and we have not seen the report from the NUCC/MKPN Unity people yet..... I don't think we will have peace for some time to come.
  3. Talking about our very own rich and prosperous Chinese community, can the DAP provocateurs stop telling our Chinese friends that they are second class citizens, stop confusing these folks who drive in expensive cars, live in condos and gated housing estates, who forms cartels control and monopolise Malaysia's economy heck the Forbes MY richest list is almost all Chinese Ok. If they the Chinese still believe the utter rubbish from DAP that they are being discriminated by the Malay led Gomen then I am lost for words.
  4. This Bangsa Malaysia thingy is also getting out of hand lah. For those who advocate Bangsa Malaysia, let me ask you this, do you speak bahasa Malaysia/Melayu well considering that you have been born and bred here? If you hesitate to answer then please don't bother OK.
  5. I am a Malay and I am proud of it. If you are Chinese or Indians, Ibans, Dayak, Bajaus, Kadazans, Melanau or other Pribumis then you should be proud of your race too, no need to talk about Bangsa Malaysia when you people insist that your children be sent to vernacular schools where they will learn the language of a foreign nation more than Bahasa Malaysia lah. It smacks of hypocrisy kan. You can't have the cake and eat it too.
  6. This Theresa Kok ah, should also stop her serial racists behavior lah, the latest being that horrible CNY Video that even many Chinese say is tak tunjuk hormat pada Tahun Baru Cina. I am not saying she should be slapped for the video, but I am waiting for the result of the Polis investigation on that CNY video. I hope she is charged for breaking  whatever Law that MY have, many of us have had enough of her racists provocations.
  7. On the ALLAH issue, the Catholic Church especially the Paderis in charge of the Herald, stop allowing yourselves to be used by political opportunists from both Pakatan and/or BN lah. Be sensible, be sensitive, love thy neighbor, don't be confrontational. Listen to what Idris Jala a devout Christian himself has to say lah, not the DAP and Anwar who will not solve the problem but will only make us sink to a deeper hole of hatred.
  8. The DAP and those sewaktu dengan mereka should stop being condescending inciting pricks commenting on Friday prayers sermons/khutbahs which are meant for Muslims ONLY. We are not stupid people ok Lim Kit Siang we know what is right,what is good, what is bad , what is halal and haram. Those words are probably alien to you guys. Can't the authorities charge these DAP people for sedition or something, they are interfering in how Muslims conduct our religion among ourselves.
  9. If one would just look a little deeper on whats happening around us one would see a pattern of first provocations by certain parties (DAPlah), then reaction by the target group (Malayslah) who would invariably respond, then the provocateur(DAPlah) pleaded to become the victim(DAPlah) and tell other people(the world) that they are being prosecuted by the Gomen(read Malays). The solution is to nip the troublemaker(DAPlah) in the bud. 
  10. In Singapore kalau ada that bunch of cowardly RBA cyber armchair army, they will be in jail hours after they post anything racist or threatening in the internet if they are in Singapore. The Gomen there don't tolerate nonsense on race and religion and they they have a 1 School for All system there, it works, there are less talking about race or religion because they understand each other from young. 
  11. Here in Malaysia our brilliant political leaders from both BN and DAP,PKR,PAS want adults to mingle and understand each other and be united after years of brain washing segregated on race and religion when they were younger, be realistic, can or not?
  12. Our Gomen should use any law available to keep them quiet. Be decisive like Singapore Gomen lah..Singapore is successful not because they have many industrious Chinese there but they are successful because the Gomen knows exactly what to do and they are decisive, no UTurns, they always think what is good for Singapore first before their party or family and friends(cronies lah). 
  13. Like Tun Daim say don't worry about the mandate, just be a strong and decisive leader PM Najib and others will follow and appreciate you for that. Don't allow that silly DAP and Nuar nonsense that they won the popular votes get to you, Pakatan is not even a registered coalition, they went into the PRU with their eyes open using their own registered name..that they the DAP, got 38 seats and PKR how many 29 seats and UMNO win how many seats 89 kan!... tell them the Lims the Nuars to bugger off, they lost! .....and UMNO and the Sarawak and Sabah BN parties won the mandate fair and square with a very comfortable majority in Parliament at that.
  14. Gerrymandering? stop that hypocritical nonsense..the fact is the loose coalition won PP, Kelantan and Selangor showed that gerrymandering or not if the majority wants you to win you will win. And please don't try to be be an angel and say that a DAP,PKR,PAS in power would not use gerrymandering to support their Gomen to stay in power. Don't bullshit, we have had enough bullshit thrown at us by politicians since 2003. That's a full decade, enough already!
  15. Coming back to the borang thing brought up by Joseph Kurup, I and many of my friends can agree to wipe out race from the borang provided that all Vernacular Schools are banned, all ethnic based name for organisation should also change by an act of Law, cannot use Association of Hakka clan, United Malay National Organisation, Malaysian Chinese Association, Malaysian Indian Congress, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Malay Chamber of Commerce etc etc..if you want to wipe out race  then wipe out everything that concerns like Thailand and Indonesia..if cannot or are not willing to do then better shut your pie hole lah.
  16. Anyway if the smart and savvy UMNO leaders in the GOMEN will agree to wipe out race column from the borangs then be ready for the blowbacks from the Malays  Ok. You people might want to change UMNO to United Minority National Organisation as Perkasa has become the dominant Malay Party after PRU14.
  17. Keep up with not listening to the ordinary grassroots rakyat lah UMNO leaders, it is your right kan....tapi.....Don't be terperanjat in PRU14 like the night you uttered its a 'Tsunami Cina' in PRU13 OK..By then it'll be too late for UMNO, the Tsunami Melayu had arrived and left.
Akhir rantings, lets not fight among ourselves lah,  don't focus too much on our differences, lets focus on our similarities and other positive attributes, leave the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Pribumis alone to do whatever they need to do to get on with their lives, lets stop politicians from playing us against one another, ignore these politicians, they will slowly fade away and MY will once again be a peaceful and harmonious place.....Ameen.

Reminder To Self:
When we fight among ourselves because of political, religious or racial differences, we will end up like Syria.

Syria in crisis

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