Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A year after the Lahad Datu Incident, the ungrateful ones goes on a Polis bashing spree

It has been more than a year after the Lahad Datu incursion by 200 or so Sulu intruders from the Philippines. Many of the nation's brave Polis officers lost their lives at that time defending this blessed country.

Alfatihah to Our Fallen heroes:

Lahad Datu (1 Mac 2013)
1. Inspektor 17992 Zulkifli B. Mamat
2. Koperal 113088 Sabarudin B. Daud 

Semporna (3 Mac 2013)
1. Supritendan Ibrahim Lebar (Cawangan Khas E1, Bukit Aman)
2. ASP Michael, (KCKD Semporna)
3. Sarjan Aziz, (PGA Btn 14 Semporna)
4. Koperal Azrul, (PGA Btn 14 Semporna)
5. Sarjan Baharin, (Cawangan Khas E1, IPK Sabah)
6. Koperal Salam, (Cawangan Khas, IPD Tawau)

Yesterday, 4 March 2014 a brave Polis officer, Corporal Raja Aizam Raja Mohd was killed in action when being ambushed by criminals armed with parangs and knives. Read the news here.

...and oblivious to the ultimate sacrifices of our brave heroes in Blue.......yesterday there is this forum attended by the usual suspects the partisan NGOs, SUHAKAM of course the Bar Council who rubbished the Polis force and say it needed reforms and more done. 

Read here and here.

Where were these people when our Polis Officers died defending our peace and freedom in Lahad Datu or even yesterday when  Corporal Raja Aizam was killed in the line of duty.

You ungrateful ones are a just bunch of condescending holier than thou pricks, who would run to the Polis when your house gets burgled. Get a life, do something positive...get more of your people to join the PDRM lah, stop whining and complaining, jangan kutuk sahjalah, help our men in Blue to do their job to keep the peace and security of our great nation.

and for this insulting person:

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I hope PDRM investigate him for sedition!

Thank You.

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