Sunday, 2 February 2014

PRK Kajang: He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 

'He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight'
Sun Tzu - The Art of War

'PKR’s troubles not my problem'
YAB PM Najib Razak

By now I believe many Malaysians will have known by now that there will be a forced bye-election at DUN Kajang in Selangor brought about by a premeditated resignation of a PKR Adun who is making way for Anwar Ibrahim to be another ADUN and perhaps MB of Selangor if MB Khalid Ibrahim resign or is forced to resign. 

Of course we should know that its not just PKR who have a say about the MB post, the Sultan of Selangor does have wide discretionary powers under the State Constitution contrary to what many non-Muslim lawyers think, read here.

PKR macais lead by Rafizi Ramli have come out with the most incredulous reasons why Anwar at 66 and with time not on his side should be MB for Selangor. I think its more to do with PKR trying to buttress Anwar's weakening political strength n presence in Pakatan as Khalid Ibrahim is seen to be a more effective National Leader albeit thru his good report card as MB of Selangor. I guess if you take Khir Toyo as an MB benchmark..anybody than Khir would do damn good as MB of Selangor. Don't get me wrong, I have the highest respect for TS Khalid Ibrahim, when he was PNB boss he made ASB a success and the fruits is still being enjoyed by many Malays/Bumis who owe a debt of gratitude to this man who is now MB of Selangor.

Anyway I don't think Anwar can stomach another good leader with real management abilities as this would put a spanner in his quest for the PM post in GE14 another four years from now. Not that Nuar and Pakatan will have an easy ride to Putrajayalah and of course Anwar should not forget that he has a date with the Court of Appeals in his Sodomy 2 trials (yes lah Anwar you are not out of the wood yet OK).

Anyway the other day our PM Najib did say that PKR problem is not his problem responding to some PKR idiot call for him to lawan Anwar at PRK Kajang. I would humbly suggest to the PM to boycott the PRK Kajang, why I say? Read on:

1. The voter numbers are not good on BN side..there are 40% Chinese voters who would vote for any monkey if their Hero Lim Kit Siang tells them to, n I am sure he will do just that. The Malay voters numbers 49% but the Malays are split three ways UMNO, PKR and PAS the Indians are about 10% and their votes are probably split more than 3 ways.

2. PKR say the forced unethical  bye-election is a tactical move for Putrajaya as BN should defeat this move by not participating in their messy political manoeuvring.

3. The country has had enough of politicking by Anwar and his Pakatan gang since 2008, its now 2014, a decisive PM Najib can stop this nonsense by telling Pakatan categorically that BN will not have any part in the sodomisation of the electoral process and will boycott not only the PRK Kajang but any other elections forced by sudden resignation or not caused by a Court Order.

I think the many peace loving Malaysians will greatly appreciate BN for boycotting the forced election...let peace and political stability prevail with good and decisive leadership in the interest of ALL Malaysians.

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