Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Politicians must not play politics with water supply as the rakyat will suffer in the end!

Finally after 4 years of stubbornness and so soon after water rationing was imposed on the poor suffering Selangor folks yesterday, the Pakatan State Gomen today realised their folly of playing politics with clean water supply and had agreed to issue the development order for building the Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant which will be able to treat raw water transferred from Pahang rivers to Selangor.

Putrajaya and Selangor sign MoU on restructuring of state's water industry

Now that doesn't feel so bad does it YAB Khalid, anyway I still hope that you will still be MB long after the forced Kajang by-election. In my book, you will be a better MB than that ex-convict jailed for abuse of power Anwar Ibrahim anytime.

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