Thursday, 19 September 2013

Time now for MCA to decide whether they are with BN or against BN

'If Umno does not wish Najib Razak to go down in history as the last Malaysian Prime Minister to have come from the party, then Umno members must demand that MCA be held accountable for its media mouthpiece backstabbing the BN.'
Blogger Helen Ang

Time now for MCA to decide whether they are with UMNO or against UMNO:


Abu mayat Chin Peng: MCA, Pemuda Umno berbeza pandangan

The MCA failed miserably to deliver the Chinese votes for BN in GE13 and with GE14 coming soon in 4 years time, MCA sure could not deliver the votes if they allow the paper they owned , The Star, to wallop UMNO and the BN day in day out in the days, months and years to come and in fact some MCA leaders are publicly agreeing to Opposition's political stance especially on issues considered sensitive in this country. 

The fact is the MCA with its paper TheStar is now a liability to BN in its battle to win the next PRU14. 

UMNO as the dominant party in BN should look closely at MCA and demand that MCA and its paper toe the BN line or else!

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Anonymous said...

MCA with BN = next to zero,
MCA without BN = zero.
So obvious to stay with BN.
UMNO should halve the seats of MCA/Gerakan/LDP/SUPP at the next election and put up its own winnable candidates.