Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An unexpected result from the 2013 General Election?

Lets not talk too much about the popular votes gained by the Pakatan Rakyat groupies of DAP, PKR and PAS for one thing they are never registered as a coalition with the Registrar of Societies anyway and more importantly they do not have any common political aim but to topple the UMNO led BN at any cost in the last GE13. In other words this loose coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS offer nothing to the country's future well being, but promises more bickering and internal fights among their leaders if they ever get to Putrajaya.

There are many analysis of the results of the GE13 election but one thing is sure, UMNO/BN as a political entity still remains numero uno:

BN berada di tempat pertama dengan memperoleh undi sebanyak 5,237,699; kedua, PKR (2,254,328), ketiga, DAP (1,736,267), keempat, Pas (1,633,389) manakala parti-parti lain dan Bebas (192,904).

The GE13 will forever be remembered by the Malay and Bumis here in Malaysia as a putsch by the Chinese Minority to put DAP in dominant political position had Anwar Ibrahim and Hj. Hadi delivered the Malay votes for the loose Pakatan rakyat 'coalition'. Well we all know what happened, DAP delivered but Hj Hadi and Anwar didn't fulfill their end of the bargain. Unfortunately for Malaysia the GE 13 produced this unexpected result:

Polarisation by religion? By race? or Both? 


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