Monday, 30 September 2013

Remember 29th September 2013, the day that decided PR's fate in PRU14

Truth be told:

"RoS acted on the complaints of several disgruntled members who claimed the December election was not properly conducted after the party announced that a tabulation glitch had resulted in the wrong candidate being elected to the CEC."

The Registrar of Societies gave the DAP a second chance to call for a new CEC Elections, which DAP did yesterday on 29th September 2013 after calling the ROS all sort of ungentlemanly names.

The DAP delegates did not dissapoint UMNO who played the race card successfully against them last election by electing a non Malay CEC. Well, they tried very hard to put up Zairil Khir Johari as a Malay candidate but we Malays are not easily fooled ya.

The second CEC Election could have been a wonderful opportunity for the DAP to show to Malaysians that they really are not anti-Malay as what UMNO has been portraying them all these years, but they squandered that opportunity big time. Worse they tried to pass off Zairil who is the step son of the late Khir Johari as a Malay who got elected into the CEC.... DAP Chinese think Malays are stupid people or what? Malays maybe faulted with their take it easy tidak apa attitude but are not stupid people OK, please read here.

Lim Guan Eng can try his best to brow beat the ROS into submitting to them but the DAP led Pakatan Rakyat had been dealt a terrible blow on 29 September 2013, that's the day that the Malays in Malaysia are shown the middle finger by the DAP delegates, yes Malays are worth only 50sen in the DAP

There is no way a DAP led Pakatan Rakyat can occupy Putrajaya without the support of the Majority Malays. Pakatan Rakyat fate in PRU14 is now effectively sealed, no second coming of the Chinese Tsunami can help the Pakatan Rakyat then. 

PAS better watch out, best to start talking to UMNO and do it nicely if you want to be part of the Federal Gomen.

Additional Read:
DAP wins bid to proceed with fresh election on Sunday. Excerpts:

"The greenlight to proceed was given after the High Court in Kuala Lumpur today allowed the application by party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to strike out a suit and an injunction by former Ladang Paroi DAP branch vice-chairman A. David Dass, who claimed that members were not given 10 weeks' notice to hold the election.

Rosnaini said the decision to hold fresh polls ultimately lies with the party.

"The plaintiff is asking the court to question the party's standing order for the party to call the polls via the National Congress. I think this is a matter which the court cannot do."

She said the word “decision” stated in Section 18 (c) of the Act should be given a wide and liberal meaning.

"It means that DAP may face the possibility of being deregistered by holding the polls via a Special Congress, instead of a National Congress, but that is up to RoS (Registrar of Societies) and not for the court to speculate what would be or should be."

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