Thursday, 12 September 2013

No more excuses from Pakatan to dilly dally on a Shadow Cabinet, do it or face certain defeat in #GE14

The Pakatan Rakyat is “an opportunistic ad-hoc group not held together by even a vaguely coherent set of ideas but by a common desire to unseat the government"

The formation of a Shadow Cabinet is a must for the loose coalition of DAP, PAS and PKR to face the might of the UMNO/BN Machinery in the next GE 14 which is a little more than 4 years to come for them to have any hope of winning or even cutting down the winning majority of the UMNO/BN juggernaut.

The formation of a Shadow Cabinet will give the rakyat a choice in a two party/coalition election system. Instead of the present modus operandi of complaining and bickering and challenge for debates and dialogues and generally making the Gomen look bad, The Pakatan  Shadow cabinet will finally show to the Rakyat how Pakatan Rakyat intends to take this blessed country into the future as compared to the tried and tested Governmentship of the Barisan Nasional helmed by UMNO since Merdeka. 

Silly General Election manifestos without any guarantee of implementation is not enough, Malaysians are more clever now you know despite what many politicians from BN or PR think.

Let the next Election be fought on who would bring the best policies and are capable of delivering their promises for the people of this blessed country and not fought on why Anwar is charged for sodomy or whether the DAP is anti Malay and anti Islam or if PAS is Islam enough or the MCA is not Chinese enough etc.

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