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Lets get on with the inquest for Sugumaran's death

Updated 13 February 2013:

...and PKR lawyers search continues.....

Original Post:

Mr. Sugumar does not deserve such a politicized death. He deserves more than that. Using the passing of a man as leverage to win over sympathy votes destroys the concept. The only wish is that peace goes with the man, that even in death his life is still being abused for a cause other than healing his own family’s wounds.
From Rocky's Bru Letter to the Editor

Here is a troubling headline:

UH refuses Sugumaran autopsy, say lawyers

Blogger Rocky's Bru gave a very good take on the ongoing quest for the late Sugumaran's second autopsy read it here.

I am really exasperated by the opposition who are intent on trying to politicize this death and many other deaths in custody or otherwise involving Government enforcement agencies. 

I don't think a second autopsy to be performed by Dr. Porntip from Thailand will bring any closure to the dead man's family. 

Why? Dr. Porntip is too controversial as in the Teoh Being Hock case and many cases in Thailand read here and here, I doubt that she will give an impartial and professional opinion, more so now that she has already read about Sugumaran's death from the newspapers, the internet and briefs by the PKR Lawyers (Remember the late Teoh Being Hock photos sent by the Pakatan lawyers to her where she readily say murder without having done the autopsy herself but anyway her murder theory was totally debunked by Prof. Vanezis and our Malaysian Pathologist too during the TBH inquest), please read my earlier posting here too. 

I cannot understand why when Malaysian Doctors are good enough to do heart transplants suddenly deemed not good enough by PKR lawyers to perform an autopsy on the late Sugumaran. I believe the first autopsy done at the Gomen Hospital by Gomen pathologists is good enough and the inquest to Sugumar's death should not be delayed further.

Sugumaran's death should not be politicized, have the inquest done as soon as possible, let the dead finally rest in peace.

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