Thursday, 14 February 2013

QS gets 1 month jail: Kudos to the PDRM and Jabatan Peguam Negara

I am really very impressed with the speed of the action taken by the enforcement authorities on the idiot who obscenely gestured his middle finger to the Queen in Pulau Pinang a couple of days back:

Quantity surveyor gets a month's jail, fined RM8,000 for making obscene sign at Queen

What Leong Pei Koe did was a crime and really unnecessary and he thoroughly deserved his punishment.

Kudos to the PDRM, the AG Chambers and KDN for acting swiftly before any moron politicians tried to hijack the crime for their end.

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Anonymous said...

He is lucky that this is not Thailand. He will not get such a light sentence there.

So young and yet so rude. Really have no manners!