Sunday, 17 February 2013

PAS under siege by DAP and PKR allies, should it leave Pakatan?

“If that pact does not benefit Islam and Malays, PAS will exit PR! Without a doubt,” 
Abdul Hadi Awang circa 16 February 2013 

I think PAS's President Hj. Hadi is blinded by power, despite PAS Majlis Syura giving an ultimatum that Kalimah ALLAH can only be used by Muslims against the Pakatan official stance that Kalimah ALLAH can be used by non-Muslim  spearheaded  by the unholy tripartite of DAP Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh together with DAP's very own appointed Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim, Hj. Hadi remains oblivious to what is going on in this big issue.

I would like to ask Hj. Hadi what benefit does PAS get from their unholy alliance with DAP which is anti anything Malay and Islam and PKR led by Anwar who is all for religious pluralism? DAP and Anwar would not change their stand, so what is Hj. Hadi waiting for?

Betullah Anwar kata yang "Hj Hadi tak tahu apa dia ikut sahja".

I envisage PAS being severely punished big time by the electorate come PRU13 for playing politics with ALLAH and Islam.

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